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John Burton
(1954 - 2014)


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General Details

Name: John Burton
Gender: Male
Age: 60 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 4 August 1954 - Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Story

To our dear friends and family,
Many of you know that we lost a light in our life December 17th.  My "little" brother, John, as my sister, Carol, so perfectly said it...has been "knocking on heavens door" for a long time, and he entered in yesterday.
John had been struggling from depression for a long time now and he just couldn't hold on any longer.  But, we all can hold on to the joy and laughter that he brought into our lives.  His great big smile could warm your heart and his laugh just made you laugh, too!  He had a heart of gold, more than most I know.
I remember when he came back home to Miami in the late 1970's, after living in California.  He brought home with him, Jingles, his Australian shepherd.  I fell in love with Jingles and asked John if I could have her.  John gave me the love of his life and only asked that he could have her from time to time to spend the night with him!  That was John...he would do that for his sisters!  Then, when Jingles sadly passed away, John brought me another Australian shepherd pup, Tasha.  We shared a mutual love for animals, especially those wonderful Aussies!
Now, Peter and I have his last love of his life, his dog, Cassidy, who is now a part of our canine crew.  She keeps looking for her John, as we do.  But, we see him now at more more struggles, for him.  He is with our mom, dad, relatives and friends gone before us (like our dear Mickey), and our precious Aussies!
I thank you all for loving my brother, and for being a part of his life, and our life, too.  Remember him when you hear special songs that bring him to mind, memories you've shared and hold dear, and know that we, too, will ever be grateful for the joy that you added to his 60 years of life here on earth.  He is in God's hands peace.
God's blessings and love to all,

My Big Brother John stop knocking on Heaven's door and was entered in.  Welcomed by our Lord and Savior who gave His life for John.
United with my parents and others who have gone before us.
John was big in size - his heart was even bigger.  It is hard for those who are deeply compassionate - to live in this world.

John gave me the love of music(which he was very passionate about) - I have told many people that - remember his extensive album collection - amazing.

I could not have asked for a sweeter & protective brother.

Wish I could hear you play that harmonica just one more time.

I can not even process this right now.

Please remember John,​ he was loved by many and brought many a laugh and smile in the days gone by.

You will be missed... until we meet in heaven.

God has wiped away your tears from your face.
Give Mom and Dad a hug from me.

So this I wrote in my Bible on 2/8/11.
"Romans 10:9 per John he likes this verse! Gave him Billy Graham devotional. He says he believes and prays every day!"

"That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9
Please think about this verse this Christmas season.

​Many of you have prayed throughout the years for John - thank you.​

 you know John was the biggest Dylan fan - so listen Knocking on Heavens Door by Dylan,and know John is no longer in pain - God has wiped away his tears.

May You Stay Forever Young.
Carol Burton
proud little sister

John's ashes will be buried at a later date in Providence, Rhode Island where he will rest along side of his mother, father, and other relatives.

In lieu of flowers, the family ask that donations be made to one of the following non-profit organizations:

Friends for Life Forever Farm
(animal rescue organization)
PO Box 340
Sapphire, NC 28774

Meridian Behavioral Health Services
(helping people hope, heal, and recover)
PO Box 2187
Sylva, NC 28779

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Fathers Name: A. Craig Burton
Mothers Name: Rosalie Burton
Siblings Names: Cathy Chumbley and Carol Burton
City of Residence: Brevard, NC


Favourite Sport: Golf
Favourite Team: University of Miami
Favourite Artist: Bob Dylan
Other Interests:
His family, his dog Cassidy (named after Eva Cassidy), music, surfing, golf, playing the harmonica, making others smile and laugh.


Place of Passing: Brevard, NC
Date of Passing: 17 December 2014
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