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Joana Lee
(1952 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Joana Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 60 years old
Lived: Friday, 18 January 1952 - Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Story


My mother, Joana Lee, was born in Canton, China on January 18th, 1952. What I remember of her childhood comes directly from her stories she use to tell me. She always spoke of how her life was good early on when her family was well off and her parents were around. She spoke about having that good life until the day her mother left her with her grandma to make a life in America. Her stories quickly turned into a life most couldn’t endure. She was forced to sell peanuts on the streets to feed her and her grandma. Every time she told me those stories I understood her struggle a little more and how it applied to her personality. She was a tough lady that never gave up…even if life seemed unfair.

My mother is the most important person in my life. She is everything I know and everything I love. She has always been in my corner to give me confidence, give me guidance and most of all the love every son needs from a mother.

I love her so much and I miss her so much every day. I’ve prayed and prayed and wished so many times to have her back in my life because all I want is… to be able to hug her and tell her I love her one last time.

I ‘ve been hearing her voice in my head… loud and clear saying these things …“Why are you better start taking care of business” or “don’t forget to take out my garbage” or “Oh my god! Can you believe Miami won...did you see Lebron?!” but mostly I hear her voice calling me from her phone saying “Hello… my son…I love you! What are you doing?” That was my cue to ask...”Do you want to go out to eat?”

She seemed like a very tough lady but she was such a loving mother.

Our favorite thing to do was to go out to eat Sushi or Dim Sum and talk about all the annoying things going on in our lives. I would pick her up from her house ...and from the minute she got in my car until the last bite… we would talk non-stop. It helped us unload all of our stress. For food, we would always share the same order of UNI, Hamachi, Ama-Ebi, Hamachi Kama, Sake and Onkymo. If anyone has eaten with my mom you know she had a way of making everything she ate look so good. She is the reason why I have been blessed to have such a broad palate for food and eaten so many interesting dishes.

She was visibly simple and came off like she didn’t care about anything …but one look in her closet and you would see tailor-made outfits made with the best material…you would see pictures and mementos of everything Marissa and I did as kids up until now. She took us everywhere on vacation from Hawaii to Las  Vegas to Mexico on a single mothers income…and until this day watching other dual parents struggle…I can’t understand how she did it. I never felt alone, poor or unloved. She had us in sports all year round and whispered words of confidence to us all the time. She was “that mom” in the stands cheering the loudest and supporting us. Not only did she take care of us but she made sure all of our teammates were okay. That’s why along the years she has become “mom” to many of our friends and people she has met. I have received so many text messages and calls from people I haven’t seen in years and they all have said that my mom was a great mother and that she has either given or taught them something they have applied in their lives. I’m so proud that people appreciated my mom for what she WAS… ultimately…a giver. A saying I have taken from my mom… that has always stuck with me…IS…“when a person knows they are loved they can sleep well at night, that’s why you guys sleep so good… I love you!”

As of late, Rylee and Shawn, my niece and nephew, have been her happiness. It’s amazing how life brought an identical pair of kids, like my sister and I, back into her life. Watching her take care of them made me understand what she is best at…and that’s being a mom. She puts in that extra effort most parents can’t… to assure her kids are constantly learning and preparing them for their next steps in their lives. No matter how late, early or tired she was she would always drive us anywhere and find a way to get us everything we wanted and needed. Her energy and generosity is what impressed me the most. After witnessing her selflessness to give us a better life I have made it my mission to become more like her for my own family and friends.

Mom... I love you so much and will miss you everyday

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Children's Names: Marissa Harris & Byron Chew
Country of Birth: China
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Concord



Place of Passing: Walnut Creek, California
Date of Passing: 19 June 2012
Place of Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park
Funeral Date: 27 June 2012
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