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J.D. Adams
(1939 - 2001)


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General Details

Name: Mr J.D. Adams
Gender: Male
Age: 61 years old
Lived: Monday, 26 June 1939 - Thursday, 8 March 2001

My Story

Daddy was born in Piedmont Alabama in 1939. His Mother passed away a short time later when he was 6 mths. old so he was raised by his Dad in Adairsville. He met my Mom, Elaine  and married her at age 17. He was standing outside of the church she was in, singing in the choir, when he first saw & heard her! Her beautiful voice caught his attention way back then! They had 3 daughters , Teresa. Gail & Sandra. He was always a wonderful caring husband, father and grandfather. He loved singing country music and had a band much of his life, always including us kids which meant we made lots of trips to the Smokey Mtns. and lots of other places singing. As the family started coming along with more and more children, him and Mama started going places less and less but they seemed to be happy just watching their family grow. We always had big cookouts and family holiday get togethers, (even though we were together most of the time anyway!), we just loved being together! They taught us so much in life in the 40 short years that I was lucky enough to have them by my side, but what they taught us that was the most valuable was how they taught us to love one another! Daddy always said that a woman was the most precious thing on this earth! He was such a good man! He also loved to restore old cars and trucks. I remember water sanding many times. Oh how much I would love to get to water sand with him again! In the early 90's he started having trouble breathing and with his skin turning red. It ended up being lung disease and skin cancer. Daddy was something! He had a work ethic that almost doesn't exist anymore. It was hard to slow him down! He loved his Grandchildren very much. They were everything to him. Except for Mama of course. After Mama died, he was so very sick and between the illness and the loss of Mama, he just couldn't make it any longer. I took him to her grave a few times during the 7 mths. he was alive after her death. He was so pitiful. I never heard him cry like that in my life and I guess I will hear it forever.We tried so hard to take care of him but he passed away and went to be with Mama at age 61.. We miss you Daddy. Thanks for everything that you ever did for all of us, and it was a lot. Thank you for never giving up on any of us when I know you should have felt like it, but most of all, thank you for being YOU. I love you Daddy and I miss you so much. I am trying hard to get us all to where I know you & Mama & Teresa are waiting for all of us. Y'all wait for us, we will be there with you one day.

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Memory Memorial Tribute
From: gailmurphy
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Happy Father's Day Daddy. It has been 10 years now but it still seems like yesterday. Wait on me, Daddy. I will see y...
Memory Memorial Tribute
From: gailmurphy
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Daddy, I remember watching all those fireworks when I was growing up! It helped that we lived across the street from ...
Memory Memorial Tribute
From: gailmurphy
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I have so many good memories. Like about our trips to the Smoky Mountains, singing in the mountains. I can still see ...
Memory Memorial Tribute
From: gailmurphy
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Daddy, I remember you sitting at the skating rink waiting for hours at a time for us kids to get done skating for the...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: gailmurphy
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Daddy, here is a candle for you. I Love You.
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: gailmurphy
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I Love You Daddy and I miss you so very much. I am looking forward to being with you and Mama again one day.


Fathers Name: Jimmy Adams
Mothers Name: Mae Adams
Spouse's Name: Mary Elaine Adams
Children's Names: Teresa, Gail, Sandra
Siblings Names: Orville
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Dalton, Ga.
Occupation: Transport & Logistics
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Other Christian


Favourite Sport: Baseball
Favourite Team: Atlanta Braves
Favourite Movie: Blues Brothers
Favourite Music Genre: Country
Favourite Artist: George Jones
Other Interests:


Place of Passing: At home.
Date of Passing: 8 March 2001
Cause of Passing: Cancer, Lung Disease
Place of Burial: Westhill Cemetery
Funeral Date: 11 March 2001
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