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James Wolfe IV
(2009 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: James Wolfe IV
Nick Name: Baby Boy, Precious, Monkey butt, & Mommy's little man
Gender: Male
Lived: Thursday, 21 May 2009 - Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My Story

This memorial website was created in the memory of my beloved son James Wolfe IV who was born in California on May 21, 2009 and passed away on June 3, 2009 at the age of 13 days, due to unknown causes as we are waiting autopsy results. We will remember him forever.

On this site we celebrate the short life, preserve our memories, and share the love for James Carter Wolfe IV. Please join us in keeping James' memory alive by sharing your thoughts, photos and memorable moments from the life of James Carter Wolfe IV. Your contribution will be a fitting tribute, as well as a gift to all who knew and loved James. James will be greatly missed but always alive in our hearts.

We will always miss and love this special little man and how he touched the lives of those around him.

There is another Guestbook that will be printed after his 1st birthday so add your comments and thoughts as you wish until that time. The website address for that guestbook is: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/PE/obituary.aspx?n=James-Carter-Wolfe&pid=128294141

Thank You

In Memory of my Baby Boy, James.

From your mom who's heart is blue
You filled my life with a love so true
Waited to hold you once you were here
You did fill my heart with a love so dear
You knew your mom and I knew you
Loved watching all the things you'd do
Exploring your mommy with just a finger
Those memories of you will forever linger
Remembering when I kissed your face
And cuddled you in my warm embrace
Cherishing all the tender moments we share
Like running my fingers through your silky hair
In your short time you showed me much
Your eyes, your smile, and loving touch
Softly singing to you late at night
And being your mommy felt so right
Our special world of Mother and son
God took you when it had just begun
So I've got to say Good-bye to you
Grandma and Grandpa love you too
You were very special, Baby Boy
And oh you filled me up with joy
I'll hold you in this heart of mine
You'll be safe until another time
There until my life does end
Then we'll be together again

~ Jessica Wolfe 6/2009 © Copyright

My best friend read this for me at James' service as I couldn't...

To my precious little Baby Boy James,

      My son you mean so much to so many. Your presence and beauty touched everyone around you even those that never got to hold you or meet you. You are so special and so perfect it's no wonder God called you home to him. When I had you I realized you were all the love I would need for the rest of my life. You are truly a miracle you amazed me all the time.
      In your short time here on this earth you taught us all a lot and you did so much in such a short time. You gave me many memories of you to hold dear to my heart. I will share them all the time with everyone and anyone. I'll remember the doctor saying "Look at him tuck his head into her pelvis he doesn't wanna come out." It was almost like you never wanted to leave me. You were born with so much hair I told people you needed a haircut and a shave. I'll never forget your cute little cry or that half whine & half cry you would do when you were hungry. I loved the special moments we shared when I would nurse you. You would groul at me & scruch your cute little nose at me when you would have trouble nursing. I will miss you poking me or pinching me while you nursed. Or when you would throw your arm over my breast to hind the light so you could fall asleep after you were full. I will never forget how you loved to moon us in your sonograms but once you were here you hated being naked. You loved having your hair washed but hated baths. When you would wake and stretch you looked just like me. I will never forget the looks you gave me and I would tell you "Thoses are my looks I started them but you can finish them." I will definitely remember when you peed during your first bath oh and on me and my bed twice. I'll remember holding your little hands with my fingers and when you would grab my finger with both hands and wouldn't let go. I'll always cherish kissing your long skinny feet and how you would look at me when I would kiss them. I'll remember how your big toe looked like a pea from the bottom.Oh and your eyes your big beautiful curious eyes so full of wonder and amazement so full of love. You had just started to smile but you have a gorgeous smile. I'll remember how you would smile at the perfect time especially when we were talking about you. Or your Elvis lip you would do when you were hungry. I will forever remember your face it was shaped and looked like a porcelain doll's perfect in everyway just like you. I will always and forever remember every single detail of you and your little body cuz I studied you all the time just like you studied me.I never for a moment thought I'd be living my life without you. From the moment I found out I was having you you filled my heart with joy and love. I wouldn't change anything about my time with you except wanting more. I loved having you in my life and every moment I spend with you is very precious to me. I couldn't wait to be your mommy and for you to make your appearance into this great big beautiful world. I will forever treasure every moment and every movement we shared together. I never wanted you to leave my side let alone my life. But God had bigger plans for you and I have to accept that as much as I don't want to I have to.

        You changed my life in so many ways and you touched my heart like no one ever will. You will always be my son my Baby boy I will love you for the rest of my life. The bond we have is only seperated for a while until we meet again in Heaven. Then we will be together again & forever. I will hold you in my arms & cradle you like I used to. Then I will be complete again & we will live our eternal life together. I will always and forever be your mommy and you will always be my son nothing will ever change that. I love you and will try to wait patiently until I will see you and can hold you again. You're forever in my heart my precious son Rest in Peace. Tell your Uncle Jim and Great-Grandparents to take extra special care of you until I get there. I love you Baby Boy. I will forever remember you James and every glorious moment I spend with you for nine months and 13 days.

Love Your Mommy,

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Mothers Name: Jessica Wolfe
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Riverside, CA
Religion: Other


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Music Genre: Country
Other Interests:
Watching & smiling at his mommy.


Place of Passing: At home / Riverside Community Hospital
Date of Passing: 3 June 2009
Cause of Passing: Unknown, waiting on autopsy
Type of Funeral: Memorial Service
Place of Burial: Cremation - Teddy bear urn
Funeral Director: Michael
Funeral Location: Riverside
Funeral Date: 13 June 2009
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