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(1999 - Unknown)


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General Details

Name: Jack
Gender: Male
Lived: Saturday, 10 April 1999 - Unknown

My Story

Jack was a great dog.  He was always full of energy and loved life.  He had a super soft coat and thick fluffy fur on his neck and tail.  He had velvetly soft dark brown ears and he loved having his ears and belly scratched.  His eyes looked like a doe's eyes- big and brown and it looked like someone had drawn black eyeliner around his eyes making them even more sweet.

Jack was smart and knew lots of tricks.  He could twirl, sit up and beg, bow, speak and shake a paw.  He loved to play tug and chase balls - although he never brought them back!  He even played a game where he would bounce a balloon with his nose.   He loved chewing his whole life and had a box full of chew toys.

He loved being in the yard and barking at all the neighborhood dogs out in the park.  He ran so much in the yard that he had a deep path carved out in the lawn and across the back fence.  

Jack loved to cuddle and get as close to you as he could.  He was a great foot warmer too!   He did take up a lot of space in the bed and was always stretching out to make a little more room for himself.

We all loved him so much and miss him every day.  Rest in peace little brown dog.  We all wish we could cuddle with you again.

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