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Irvin Kershner
(1923 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Mr Irvin Kershner
Gender: Male
Age: 87 years old
Lived: Sunday, 29 April 1923 - Saturday, 27 November 2010

My Story

The thing what you learn in directing is that no matter how complex the shooting, you have to remain sensitive to the people around you or the machine will ultimately take over. If you don't keep in mind the essential humanity of it all, technique will dominate.

It's a matter of pride to me to get the film done fast, to get it done well. I understand the need for compromise. There is no such thing as a perfect shot, a perfect film. The purpose of film is not to make a monument to oneself.

I like to fill up the frame with the [characters'] faces. There's nothing more interesting than the landscape of the human face.

He was the only man to direct a Star Wars, James Bond and RoboCop movie.

Of the three directors to direct the Star Wars films made between 1977 and 1983, the cast and crew have stated that he was their favorite director to work with, describing him as very helpful and supportive.

The great Irvin Kirshner lived to 91. His memorial was Monday. He is my husband's mentor. Oh yeah, I got married in October to Richard Arsenault. Richard, Kersh and I would have cozy gatherings at Kersh's home and cook good food and Kersh would teach Richard stuff. Kersh had amazing photography and I learned all I could from him regarding photography. Kersh showed me how to peel garlic correctly. (turn the knife on it's side and give it a smack) Dignified with a sense of humor is the way I remember him. When he saw me peeling the garlic with my fingernails he laughed and corrected me so sweetly. His kitchen is beautiful and he understood about indoor air quality and appreciated activism. Frank Oz at Kirsh's memorial said that part of Kersh is in Yoda and vice versa. Len Steckler spoke and so did James Reagan. Kirsh's nephew and children helped orchestrate. Francis Ford Coppola gave us wonderful wine to drink in celebration of Kersh's life. On my way to the wine, I found myself standing in front of a famous actor. I froze like a deer in the headlights, finally finding my voice I said "You are....." He looked at me and waited.. finally filling in for me he said "John Lithgow" I replied "You knew Kersh?" He said "Yes, I was one of his actors. One of many." I said "Wow. It is so nice to meet you." shaking his hand very sincerely and I backed up and headed for the wine. It's just that John Lithgow is a very BIG man with very strong amazing energy. I knew that there would be great people like Kersh there. George Lucas was there, as they were friends and I knew that. I attended Kersh's memorial to celebrate Kersh's life, not to network, but Kersh would have wanted things to be as good as possible that's just the kind of amazing man he was. There is audio commentary on the Empire Strikes Back with Kershner, Lucas, Ben Burtt and Carrie Fisher the commentary really lets you know the kind of person Kersh was. Kersh Lives on and his body may rest in peace but his spirit lives on in those who love him which are many.



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Smelling garlic. Thinking of you.




Date of Passing: 27 November 2010
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