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Deborah Christine Parker
(1981 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Ms Deborah Christine Parker
Nick Name: christi
Gender: Female
Age: 28 years old
Lived: Monday, 11 May 1981 - Thursday, 4 February 2010

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Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: seredamills
Song Name: If i die young
Artist: the band perry
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Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: seredamills
Song Name: if i die young
Artist: the band perry
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Candle Memorial Tribute
From: seredamills
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Christi i love and miss you dearly and think of you often....Sereda
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: pink777
Song Name: One Sweet day
Artist: Mariah Carey and ...
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Fathers Name: Glenn Parker
Mothers Name: Laura Lassi Siskron
Children's Names: Austin, Shawn, Morgan
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA


Favourite Team: New Orleans Saints and LSU
Favourite Music Genre: Rap and Hip-Hop
Other Interests:
Christi was one of the most outgoing persons i knew.. She enjoyed life so much that it almost made you jealous how she could find so much joy and fun in any and everything she did.. She ALWAYS had a smile on her face and she was one of the most loyal people i knew.. If you were lucky enough to be her friend, she was a friend for life.. I will look up to her for the rest of my life, even with her in heaven!


Place of Passing: Alexandria, La
Date of Passing: 4 February 2010
Cause of Passing: Car accident
Type of Funeral: Private
Place of Burial: Hemphill Star Cemetary
Funeral Location: Hixson Bros funneral Alexandria, la
Funeral Date: 4 February 2010
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