loveing grandpa tito, mi viejito rodriguez's Memorial

loveing grandpa tito, mi viejito rodriguez
(1910 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Mr loveing grandpa tito, mi viejito rodriguez
Nick Name: tito
Maiden Name: unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 97 years old
Lived: Saturday, 1 January 1910 - Tuesday, 22 May 2007

My Story

Ok well grandpa was great a really loveing and careing person. I remember him and me argueing over well see where he lives you call buses maquinas and ill well be like huh no abuelito son buses. We would tak long walks and laught over dumb stuff. I rememebr him asking me too let my dad come back tii clai and for me too stay there with him for ever. That he was gonna miss me so much. Sometimes i wonder how would it be like if i would of stayed over there with my grandpa. Maybe i would of been married already probablly. Since over there people get together or have babies or get married when 15. Ever since i could rememeber my grandpa had been sick. He would always be in the hospital in and out. My poor viejito. But of course i rememeber that we would go eat menudo in mexico my dad my grandpa and me and i would some how always end up sitting i the middle and it was so funny how my grandap would always want coca cola me always orange shasta and my dad sprite or squirt. Well get this  so funny. My grandpa well tak a sip out of his soda and wet his lips and gooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  you get what i mean. Well thats for all for now. No one knows of this but me since i didnt get too go when he was burried       ................ this is my only way of being there being able toooo visit him..........grandpa love and always well my love ................ i know your my gaurdain angel from up above wink  wink grandpa you helped me get over my fears.......for otheres it seemed like the dumbes ones but fro you they fro like your own....(afraid of cows) (horses) now i see them and rememebr you

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Flower Memorial Tribute
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grandpa i miss you so much .. i mss walkign wiht you and talking aobut hte buses passing by or walking too the lago ....
Candle Memorial Tribute
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mi viejito.i love u and always well with all my heart my loving grandpa
Heart Memorial Tribute
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Stone Memorial Tribute
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here is a stone for the steps you helped me thru
Heart Memorial Tribute
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grandpa i love you and youll always be in my heart



Favourite Sport: Soccer
Favourite Team: chivas
Favourite Book: he hated reading
Favourite Movie: anything with rancheras
Favourite Music Genre: Latin
Favourite Artist: meeeeeee i would sing too him


Place of Passing: mexico
Date of Passing: 22 May 2007
Cause of Passing: really old and really sick
Type of Funeral: normal
Place of Burial: unknown
Funeral Location: mexico
Funeral Date: 27 May 2007
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