Grace Estelle  Newman's Memorial

Grace Estelle Newman
(1924 - 1954)


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General Details

Name: Grace Estelle Newman
Gender: Female
Age: 30 years old
Lived: Monday, 25 February 1924 - Monday, 22 March 1954

My Story


I Remember Mama,   
                    May 16, '08

Looking back I see her, with a smile upon her face
Though my memory has long faded, her lovely name was GRACE
At the time of her passing just her mere babe in arms
A child she protected and kept free from harm
On motor bike rides she took me, riding over back roads and lanes
Complaining of nothing, not even of her head, pulsing with pain
All life's moments with her, seemed to revolve around just me
I was her youngest, her baby, though all precious were her three
What happened to mamathis just couldn't be
She loved us unconditionallya love God would set free
She continued to give of herself, though her years were but few
Her days were now numberedshe had little to do
Everything right yet everything seemed wrong
No longer would I hear her soft voice in melody or song
Often she would sing at nighttime, a sweet lullaby
Still, I listen for those melodies from those days now long gone by
Yet young as I was and with memories but few
I still think of mama and what she would do
The pictures of mama now faded and old
The only resemblance, a part of her, my treasures, I hold
Oh mama, I've missed you, you didn't say good bye
You left me oh, so long ago, with thousands of tears to cry
I remember looking both far and near, through that child's eyes,
Looking for some comfort and hoping not to die
Trying to find the answers to questions all unknown,
Why my heart was hurting  and why my eyes filled with tears
Couldn't understand why you left me, nor why I felt these fears
I only knew I missed you with the love only a child would know
My heart felt so very heavy then, it was hard to let you go
Life has gone on as expected, the way God meant it to be
Now a family of my own with children and a dozen grandbabies
My grandbabies call me Gramma, what a joyful sound to hear
I pray you've met the four grandbabies, who left us these past four years
They are waiting for the rest of us in Heaven, a place I long to be
When my time on Earth is over, and Almighty God calls out to me
Years have come and gone now since those days of long gone by
But the memories of you linger and those will never die
You are my mother always, in heaven you will be
Now cradling all my children as a great gramma ought to be
Most times I am happy but sometimes I'm just blue
Other moments bring on sadness when I think of all of you
I'm happy for these memories, always in my mind and heart
One day we will all be together, forever, and never more will part
Love from,
 Your daughter


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Place of Passing: Detroit, Michigan
Date of Passing: 22 March 1954
Cause of Passing: Massive Brain Tumor
Place of Burial: Charlevoix, Michigan
Funeral Location: Charlevoix, Michigan
Funeral Date: 25 March 1954
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