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Bree Bree Teresa Vitanovec
(2007 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Bree Bree Teresa Vitanovec
Gender: Female
Lived: Monday, 2 July 2007 - Tuesday, 3 July 2007

My Story

Bree is my little angel in heaven.  She was 1 of 4 babies in my womb born at 21 wk 6 days.  She was my active one inside of me.  She was Baby B, 2nd born!  She was also the longest and heaviest of the four.  Although my time was short with her, I love her dearly and hold close memories with her.  She only lived 10 hours or so, but made such an impact on my life.  I will forever treasure her, and think of her daily!  She had such beautiful long fingers and feet, and had the darkest hair out of all of her sisters and brother.  I know she is up there dancing around with Alli, Grace, and Stephen.  I miss you dearly and want so much for you to be here with me.  I hope you know how much I love you and miss you!  Please help me to feel your spirit often!  You are Mommy's precious angel!  I can't believe your 1st bday is here already!  I hope you celebrate with everyone up in heaven!  I'll be celebrating your life here!  I love you so much!

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Fathers Name: Steve Vitanovec
Mothers Name: Karen Vitanovec
Siblings Names: Alli, Grace, and Stephen
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Joliet, IL
Religion: Catholic



Place of Passing: Hinsdale Hospital
Date of Passing: 3 July 2007
Cause of Passing: Premature Birth
Type of Funeral: Catholic Mass
Place of Burial: Stavanger Cemetary
Funeral Date: 11 July 2007
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