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Rochelle Dalmacio
(1976 - Unknown)


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General Details

Name: Rochelle Dalmacio
Maiden Name: Bagaporo
Gender: Female
Lived: Wednesday, 23 June 1976 - Unknown

My Story

Rochelle is in heaven now and this  is not the time for us to grieve her death but it’s our time to celebrate her life. Don’t ever forget Rochelle. She never wanted to see people cry, she wanted to make everyone happy. 

So at this moment when we are about to lay her body to rest, let’s all think back and remember how Rochelle touched our lives. How she made us laugh and how good Rochelle was as a person. 

This is not the moment for us to shed our tears but we should all be thankful that we were given the chance to have known a woman named Rochelle.

Rochelle will forever be missed but I know in the right time, I will meet Rochelle again. We will all meet Rochelle again and she’ll make us laugh in tears again.

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Spouse's Name: Michael Dalmacio
Children's Names: Patricia and Misha
Marital Status: Married



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