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florence christine cowley
(1932 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Mrs florence christine cowley
Nick Name: jane
Maiden Name: nightingale
Gender: Female
Age: 75 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 20 December 1932 - Monday, 1 September 2008

My Story



Florence Christine was born in Enfield on the 20th of December 1932. Florence was the second child born to her parents Florence & George Nightingale and she and older brother Ron were later joined by Brother Alan and Sister Maureen.

Although christened Florence she was always known as Jane, (A nickname given by her parents that always stayed with her)


Jane loved them all, and she soon became the one who ruled the roost in their home. Sister Maureen remembers the time Jane was caught out smoking in her bedroom; she set her chair on fire and filled the room with smoke,

Jane did well in school and enjoyed cookery and sports, taking part in the Hurdles, Netball and Tennis.


After leaving school she started work in the Jameson sweet factory and her brothers and sister have fond memories of this time as she always brought them home treats!

Later she started work in the local laundry where she boasted that she ironed the famous Ronnie Ronald’s shirts. (He was known for his talent in singing whistling and bird impressions).


In her leisure time Jane enjoyed gardening, ballroom dancing and listening to music. She was often found listening to Val Doonican, Max Bygraves and Jim Reeves. One of her favourite songs was Distant Drums which her children remember her always singing to them. Her older brother Ron introduced her to his friend Ray Cowley. Their friendship blossomed into romance and they later married. Their first child Carole was born in Enfield and they then moved to Hemel Hempstead where the rest of the family, Stephen, John, Colin and Jillian were born.


As her family grew up, and married she became a proud grandmother of eight grandchildren.

Her family brought her great joy and happiness, she loved them all dearly and they loved her very much in return.


Mum loved her soaps; no one was allowed to speak when they where on TV and if you did you got a Sss…Her favourite actors were Paul Newman and Brian Dennehy and she watched all their films. She loved sitting in her garden, watching the goldfish and the birds which she found very relaxing.


Jane’s granddaughter Kym always remembers when she used to go round to her Nan’s with her aunty Jillian. Jane and Jillian would make Kym laugh so much it that it would hurt and she was always in fits of giggles. Kym also remembers when she was younger and she and her mum would go round every Saturday evening to watch blind date they would be constantly laughing and joking. Kym will really miss these moments that she shared with her Nan.


Friends, neighbours and even strangers were always welcome in her home even though her famous greeting was “what do you want?” We all knew this was her way of saying “it’s nice to see you,” and it always made us laugh. Jane had regular visitors; especially her dear friends and she will always be in their thoughts. Sheila visited everyday, and drove Jane mad with her bad habit of twitching her foot, Jane used to say “Sheila keep your foot still” and it always made them laugh. Iris and Jane were friends for 53 years and shared lots of memories, they were always there for each other through thick and thin, and rose and her daughters were neighbours and good friends for many years.

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miss you mum from your baby girl
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From: johnboy123
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Mum My memories of you will last forever . Not a day will pass without you in my mind.


Fathers Name: George Nightingale
Mothers Name: Florence Nightingale
Spouse's Name: Raymond Cowley
Children's Names: Carole,Shephen,John,Colin,Jillian
Country of Birth: England
Marital Status: Divorced
Religion: Jehovah's Witnesses


Favourite Movie: hud
Favourite Music Genre: Country
Favourite Artist: Jim Reeves
Favourite Charity: British heart foundation
Other Interests:
gardening,listening to music


Place of Passing: home
Date of Passing: 1 September 2008
Funeral Date: 10 September 2008
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