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Vincent Arthurs
(1941 - 1994)


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General Details

Name: Vincent Arthurs
Gender: Male
Age: 52 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 23 December 1941 - Wednesday, 27 April 1994

My Story

Vincent Arthurs a father of nine children. He was married to Barbara Arthurs for twenty-one years when he passed away. He has been a pastryu chef and has represented Jamaica in numerous competitions through Jamaica Hilton Hotel,etc. Vincent was on e of the best father ,son, husband, brother, nephew, uncle and grandfather around. He was a family man who believed in discipline and order. He was a man of good standing, reputation and was well respected. Daddy, Vin or Uncle Vin as we know him was very generous, industrious and indeed a man of his word(s). He was a fighter, he took good care of his family and loved his wife passionately. daddy you are missed and there is no word(s) that may express how you are missed. We never expected the day to come so soon when we would never see you around but only have great memories and thoughts of you. It is said that good people do not live long and with your passing I would most agree with such a statement . Anyon who knew Vincent would agree with all that has been stated and may even want to add more. Words can nor will ever explained who Vincent Fitzroy Arthurs was. May his soul rest in peace.
Love you my favourite person in the world

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Favourite Sport: Cricket
Favourite Team: West Indies
Favourite Movie: Rocky
Favourite Music Genre: Roots


Place of Passing: RCCL-Sovereign of The Seas
Date of Passing: 27 April 1994
Cause of Passing: Fowl Play-Murdered
Type of Funeral: None
Place of Burial: None
Plot Number: None
Funeral Director: None
Funeral Location: None
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