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Babies McPherson
(Unknown - Unknown)


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General Details

Name: Babies McPherson
Lived: Unknown - Unknown

My Story

This site is to honor my babies that have crossed into the ancestors' arms before me. To share my love of them with others, in the hopes of maybe lighting a candle in someone's darkest of hearts, of showing that the love they each shared with me in a few short weeks or months will last a lifetime, but most of all, to know for myself that their lives weren't for a single moment wasted in vain. I love you all & eagerly await the day I can hold yall in my arms again. My stars walking the ancient path, how I wish I was there to hold your hands.

Carolina Ann Joy & Georgia Lynn- Sept 10, 1990
Derek Matthew & Jonathan Adam- Jan 1995
Cheyenne Levond & Sierra Michelle- Feb 13, 1997
Nathaniel Michael- Aug 1997
Tristan Darrell- Oct 1999
Dakota Kiern, Jadzia Raven & Mikayla Raine- Nov 19, 2000
Lucas Nikolai Antonio- July 2003
Celeste Nyoka- Jan 2006
I love you all & think of yall every day til I can walk that path to hold yall once again.

I'm a mama, that's my job & love in life. I'm also a wife & a woman, but my first name is always Mama. From time to time I hear people say how strong or brave they see me, for living everyday & able to laugh still after having so many of my kids die in my arms but I don't think of it as brave or strong, just no other choice of what to do besides take it one day at a time. I gave up on trying to make sense of the pain & just live day to day in the best way I see possible at that time. Now I've got 2 kids walking the earth with me so I have to smile for them no matter whats in my heart. most days I can deal with it, out of habit or what not sure but I do somehow, but even on the dark days I know my babies are right beside me walking in my shadow, holding my hand. As for knowing what gender my babies were, ultrasounds told me the multiples (& in some of them, the sexes) but unfortunately I never thought it'd be the only picture I'd have of some of them or I'd of had them print out pictures for me. couple of them I made it to 4 1/2 mos but most of them were between 9 & 14 weeks. as for the sexes, every time I've gotten pregnant then I just 'knew' what sex the baby was, just a very strong, definate feeling each time. with the ones that made it long enough to tell & with the 2 that were born alive then I could tell I'd been right. I named all of them, even the youngest ones, cause I know they are real people so it didn't feel right to let them die without a name.

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Flower Memorial Tribute
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Just thinking of yall as another Mother's Day is here, in my heart I'm holding yall all in my arms as we watch Brody ...
Stone Memorial Tribute
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Not a day goes by that I don't think of yall, my darlings. I talk to Brody & Tia about yall so that they know you as ...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: NannaCarol
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I'm sorry for your many losses, may God bless you.......
Incense Memorial Tribute
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Sending love on candle's wings to my heart in the sky, I love yall!


Mothers Name: Jean McPherson Cowger
Siblings Names: Brody & Tatiana
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Religion: Native American Spirituality



Place of Passing: in mama's belly & arms
Cause of Passing: miscarriages
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