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Dora Sieben
(1961 - 2000)


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General Details

Name: Dora Sieben
Maiden Name: Weiland
Gender: Female
Age: 39 years old
Lived: Sunday, 10 December 1961 - Sunday, 17 December 2000

My Story

Where to begin . . .

Dora became ill of July 2000, while vacationing with her family up north.  She was complaining of stomach pains unlike no other.  Upon arriving home, she was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and prescribed a medication for treatment.  Come August, the pain had no subsided from these "ulcers" and she returned the doctor for another examination.  It was then that x-rays were taken, and spots were discovered on her liver.

These spots were unfamiliar and alarming to her doctor, who then directed a biopsy of the liver, which confirmed our worst fears the spots were malignant melanoma.  Before deciding treatment, Dora went to several different clinics and seen many different doctors before arriving for treatment at Mayo clinic. 

With the support of many family and friends. Dora began her first rounds of chemotherapy on October 3, 2000. Dora and her family remained positive during treatment, which concluded towards the end of October.

In mid-November, a benefit was planned in hopes of sending Dora to a new treatment center in Texas.  The benefit was wonderful, one of the best days I can remember.  Hundreds of people gave their love and support for Dora and her family.  Soon thereafter, it was discovered that chemotherapy did not slow the cancer, and it had spread throughout her body, placing her in a stage 4. 

Late November also brought what Dora said was, "The best day ever!"  when she renewed her vows with the love of her life, John.  The day was beautiful, and the joyous event was celebrated with family and friends afterward.

December 6-12th was our family vacation to Fort Meyers, FL.  It was one I will never forget.  Although, she was very ill during our stay, our family will forever cherish the time spent together in Florida.  A special thanks to Pat & Trish Murphy for making the trip possible, and another very special thank you to Paula, Dora's sister, whom traveled with the family and really remained the "rock" for my mother during our stay.

On December 10th, Dora celebrated her 39th birthday in Florida.  She blew out candles and smiled for pictures with the family.

We flew home on December 12th.  Her condition worsened very quickly it seemed, although it might just seem that way to me since she never wanted to let her children know the extent of what she was going through.  The Lord called her home during the early morning of December 17th, 2000, a date that will forever been tattooed on our hearts.  She was a woman full of life, love and generosity, and will forever be missed.

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From: ssieben
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I love you.


Fathers Name: Edward
Mothers Name: Phyllis
Spouse's Name: John
Children's Names: Jesse, Terry, Shanna and Kaylyn
Siblings Names: Donald, Michael, Steven, Paula, Lisa, Sandra and Sharon
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Hastings, MN


Favourite Charity: Special Olympics of Minnesota
Other Interests:
Spending time with family and friends. Playing scrabble. Taking her family camping. Fishing.


Place of Passing: Hastings, MN
Date of Passing: 17 December 2000
Cause of Passing: Melanoma
Place of Burial: Vermillion, MN
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