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Dallas Neils Wicklund
(1969 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Mr Dallas Neils Wicklund
Nick Name: J.R.
Gender: Male
Age: 37 years old
Lived: Monday, 4 August 1969 - Tuesday, 26 June 2007

My Story

A true soldier.
A loving and honest person to his friends.
He has many children so his charectoristics can shine through them.
He was my best friend and most beloved.
I will truly miss him forever.
See you in heaven soul mate
I love you deeply.

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Candle Memorial Tribute
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I miss u everyday dad i will never miss anybody like u
Stone Memorial Tribute
From: TisOnlyMe
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You were the funniest story teller I have ever known and like the lady before I had no idea U had passed away. I am s...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: LisaS
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Oh Man...I did not even know you died you fucker! I have always adored you and you are one of my closest friends! ...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: mnmcandy
Song Name: Unforgiven
Artist: Metallica
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and nothing else matters
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: mnmcandy
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To the love of my love you shall never be forgotten. You still live with me inside of my heart as each day passes. Y...


Children's Names: Chelsea, Jordin,, Modesty
Siblings Names: Dawn and deanna
Country of Birth: Canada
Country of Residence: Canada
City of Residence: Mapler Ridge
Occupation: Self-Employment
Marital Status: Widowed
Religion: Gypsies


Favourite Sport: Camping
Favourite Book: THE BIBLE
Favourite Music Genre: Rock
Favourite Artist: Metallica-Enter Sandman-The Unforgiven


Place of Passing: Bentley Road in Surrey
Date of Passing: 26 June 2007
Cause of Passing: Accidental Overdose
Type of Funeral: 2 memorial services
Place of Burial: Cremated
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