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Corby Friedrich
(1967 - 2002)


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General Details

Name: Corby Friedrich
Gender: Male
Age: 35 years old
Lived: Friday, 6 January 1967 - Thursday, 8 August 2002

My Story

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    We were in a department store when a very young Corb wandered away and “lost” me.  While frantically searching for him I heard, “We have a blonde, blue eyed boy who lost his mom.”   I ran to the office.  He was asked if I was his mom. “No, she’s my grandmom.” Before this, when asked about the color of his eyes, he replied “red from crying”. (Now, it’s my turn) When he was on Romper Room Ms. Marty, the teacher, was annoyed with him for not pedaling his trike. “I can’t, I have a flat”, was his response.
    From a Friend-

    Thoughts of Corby
    I have known Corby for such a long time that I have had an infinite amount of experiences with him. My earliest recollection of those experiences was circa 1975. I can’t remember all of the details but Corby was there for me in this instance. As you probably remember Myrna there were a few young boys who lived on our street. Steve, Jimmy, myself, and of course your son. We were all playing in Steve’s backyard and of course up to mischief. Jimmy was making fun of me for some reason and we were arguing back and forth. Steven joined the argument ganging up on me verbally. Corby to this point had stayed out of it until the situation escalated into a physical altercation. Jimmy tackled me from behind, at which point Steve was about to jump on me when Corby came to my rescue. He initially tried to halt the scuffle with words. Seeing the unfairness of their ways he impeded Steve’s assault and pulled jimmy off me. He rushed me out of the yard and went back in to talk to the guys. I waited outside pouting while Corby was dissolving the situation. He returned and assured me if we continued playing with Steve and Jimmy there would not be a problem. I did and the situation was resolved. I asked Corby later that day what he said to them. He told me that he said fighting was for people that didn’t know how to talk and that we were all neighbors and should look out for each other. What an Ego shot at that age. It worked and we never had another situation. Thinking about it now, it was very insightful and diplomatic. Corby was always a great mediator and seemed to talk only after everyone had. He will be deeply missed and never forgotten. He introduced me to music I might never have listened to without his influence. I think of him every time I hear certain songs. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Karl.

    Another friend describing a skiing event-

    There was Corb competing in downhill, when all of a sudden, I heard “ yard sale, yard sale”. I looked up and saw equipment flying all around. Corb reached bottom, got up retrieved his skiis, and started again. Talk about determination!

    Two stories from Corb, himself, when very young- (see scanned stories in photo gallery)
             Why I bye america
             A tale of a  tail

    When he grew up, his Mother’s Day card to me-
                                                            “Thanks for letting me be myself
                                                                Even when it wasn’t exactly
                                                                    What you had in mind.” 

    When Corb died we received the following condolence card.
                                               “Little by little as we grieve for lost, loved ones,
                              we begin to remember not just that they died, but that they lived.”

    Our only child brought out the best in us.  His sense of humor, innocent laughter and free spirit help to sustain us in our grief. He guided us during his lifetime and remains our guiding spirit.  Sometimes we even laugh.

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Fathers Name: Karl Friedrich
Mothers Name: Myrna Friedrich



Date of Passing: 8 August 2002
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