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Catherine Anne Davies
(1947 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Catherine Anne Davies
Maiden Name: Dennis
Gender: Female
Age: 59 years old
Lived: Saturday, 6 September 1947 - Friday, 10 August 2007

My Story

On the 10th August 2007, my biggest nightmare came true and my mum passed away. She leaves behind me,Lindsey (28yrs), my brother Mark(38yrs), my sister Lauren(21yrs) and her two grandchildren Tia(3yrs) & Ben(3yrs).

Thank you for taking the time to visit my precious mums site, known to most as Cathy, a kind & caring lady who will be sadly missed. A caring Mum & Grandma, & though it is hard to condense a lifetime of memories,I will do my best to do just that & try to share some of these treasured moments with you here on her site.

Those who knew mum well, knew the things that made her happy - her family first & foremost - always, the love of family gatherings, surrounded by her children & grandchildren.

Mum was always there for us - as we grew up, we each knew that we could depend on her - she would go without herself so that we didn’t have to. She was a Mum who was always there to listen, ready to help her beloved family. She protected & stood by us & supported us no matter what & did the best that she could for her family always.

Mum was born on September 6th 1947 to her proud parents Albert & Kathleen, at Bethnal Green Hospital. She has a foster brother Alan & was brought up in the East End of London.

The family moved down to Chatham in Kent & she attended Walderslade Girls School, where she achieved good grades. Although she had good school reports, there was a time when mum got into trouble when she was caught skiving from assembly & was found in the toilets along with several of her friends!

Once mum left school she worked at the picture house in Chatham & I recall the story of how she once tripped over a builder’s plumb line while she was at work. During a break she had gone to buy some sweets from the shop opposite, which was having some building work done at the time, & managed to knock everything flying! So typical of mum, her feet find everything lol!!!!

Mum met dad Frank at 18, when she was working on his bus as a Clippie. They courted for a time before their marriage at Chatham Registry office which was attended by close family & friends. They set up home in Maidstone Road, Chatham & looked forward to becoming parents.

Sadly, mum lost 2 babies, Paul & Stacey, who only lived for a few days. But mum was over the moon when Mark came into the world, 2 months early, weighing in at just 2lb 3oz. Following a number of miscarriages, including my twin I (Lindsey) arrived, & Lauren’s birth in 1986 made the family complete.

I had been in rather a hurry to arrive & was delivered by the Ambulance man, Brian, who was later to become my Godfather, & a good friend to mum. Mum absolutely adored us & would have given us the shirt off of her back.

I remember the many fancy dress party’s she organised when we were growing up & also the magnificent cakes she had custom made for each of our birthdays every year.

Mum was a very sociable lady who always worked hard, & particularly liked shop work.

Mum never settled for too long in any one house & had several moves over the years, although always in the same area. Mark inparticular, described Mum as the eternal Gypsy & a question she was frequently asked was, ‘Where are you living now Cath?’

She loved decorating & DIY & was always pulling down walls & moving her furniture around. She was always buying lamps, vases & flowers for her home.

Mum never ceased to amaze us with her unusual requests for birthday presents which were usually tins of paint, roller blinds or new curtains. She even dragged her friend Denise around Texas, the homecare store, to choose wallpaper, although poor Denise’s waters had just broken on the escalator in the Pentagon Shopping Centre, Chatham!

Mum n Frank had their ups & downs over the years & eventually went their separate ways, as couples often do. However, although they had had their differences, mum described him as her soul mate & they always remained the best of friends. He was welcome round at the house, which ever one it was, & spent Christmas with us every year.

Mum loved Christmas & her preparations began in June, when she shopped for presents. Our family had so many gifts; we were still opening them well into Christmas afternoon. Even her 5 cats got an advent calendar each, & Dylan (her beloved labrador) had a specially cooked Christmas dinner too.

Mum had a great sense of humour & was always laughing. She enjoyed comedies, especially Only Fools & Horses, & she also liked stand up comedians like Jim Davidson, Lee Evans, Jethro & Freddie Star, who were among her favourites.

She was a great animal lover & sadly leaves behind her beloved dog Dylan, who was her loyal & faithful companion. She had requested that the ashes of her cat Fred & dog Sam would be placed in the coffin with her, & her wish was fulfilled.

She was a very popular lady & couldn’t set foot out of the house without somebody asking after her. She took great pleasure in winding up the local shop keepers, particularly poor David from the Greengrocers.

Mum loved Classical music, especially Pavarotti & she liked to read Autobiographies. Most recently she had read Michael Barrymore’s & Peter Kay’s books. She was very spiritual & had a great interest in Clairvoyancy & Mediums & had read books by Doris Stokes, Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell & Gordon Smith.

Mum took a great pride in her hair, & truly proved that blondes definitely have more fun. Me & Lauren had encouraged Mum to shop on eBay, which became one of many favourite past times. She even told me off just a week before she passed away for not ordering her favourite Clinique perfume.

As we grew up & Mark and I left home to start families of our own, mum welcomed the arrival of her beloved grandchildren Tia & Ben.

Mum played a big part in our lives where we have shared so many things together. We have enjoyed that special relationship & bond that a Mum has with her children & her passing has left a big void in our lives.

We couldn’t have wished for a better Mum, she was selfless & simply lived for her family. Mum was a caring Grandma to Tia & Ben & a good friend to many. A lady that didn’t ask much from her life, but gave so much to those who she loved & those who loved her- & mum was loved so very much.

We are thankful for mum’s life, for the love, the happiness & the precious memories she has left us. Mum you will never be forgotten. Your memory is held safe & warm in our hearts.

To those reading this whom still have their parents, please please take the time to give them an extra hug and a kiss next time you see them & let them know just how much they mean to you because you never know just when they may be snatched away.

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Fathers Name: Albert
Mothers Name: Kathleen
Children's Names: Mark, Lindsey & Lauren
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
City of Residence: Kent
Occupation: Retail & Consumer Products
Marital Status: Divorced
Religion: Spiritism


Favourite Book: Autobiographies
Favourite Movie: Somewhere in Time
Favourite Music Genre: Classical
Favourite Artist: Pavarotti


Place of Passing: Medway Maritime Hospital
Date of Passing: 10 August 2007
Cause of Passing: Cervical Cancer
Type of Funeral: Burial
Place of Burial: Chatham Cemetary
Funeral Date: 22 August 2007
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