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General Details

Gender: Male
Age: 38 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 1 January 1969 - Saturday, 1 September 2007

My Story

Casper Cornett, Jr.,  Father, Son, Friend. These are three of many things not said at his funeral.  Casper's dedication to his children is unforgettable. He loved his children more than anything in the world and you could see it in his eyes and his smile when they entered the room.  He's been gone a year now and it seems like it was just yesterday, but then again, it seems like it has been ten years since I heard his voice, his laughter.  Casper was my best friend, we had been divorced for about 10 years, but he was still my best friend. .He always said I will love you until the day that I die, but that seemed like such a long time, he would never be able to keep that promise, well he did and I am so grateful that I knew him and loved him.  I never questioned his love and dedication, because I knew he loved me and he did not try to hide it.
This past year has been very hard on his boys, especially Brandon, 15, he struggles everyday.  He lost his best friend on September 1, 2007, just as I did. Casper loved to work on cars, I see a lot of that in Brandon, but he did not have enough time with his dad to learn all he needed to know, so he just stands there with his hands on his hips (just as his dad would do, when he was studying about something)  and stares at the car and the tears just roll down my cheeks, I know the pain he is feeling at that moment. He doesn't have his dad to call to find out where this screw goes or how to take this part off.  
Devin, 17, deals with things a lot better than Brandon and I do. Devin is not Casper's biological son, but Casper treated him as if he was from the moment they met. Devin was 4 months old when Casper came into our lives, I knew from the first day I met him that he was the one. At the age of 10, Devin met his biological father and started spending time with him, that took away from the time he spent with Casper and with any boy his age he started spending less and less time with Casper. Casper understood, but really missed having him around, so the guilt that Devin has felt since his passing has been unbearable.  He's not been spending time with his biological father, because he feels guilty and he says it is not fair, because Brandon doesn't have a dad to go see. Such a sweet young man.
His oldest son, Christopher, 20, is in Boston going to school. Casper  was so proud of him, he had accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Chris your dad loved you more than you will ever know. He was very proud of everything that you had done with your life. He missed you every day. 
Casper always felt like he was not good enough or had failed in some way, But that is not the truth.
What he gave me and our children, in the short time he was with us,  was more than most people give in a life time.  He gave so much love to everyone around him.
He loved his Father and Mother and his brother and sisters with his whole heart. 
He loved inspite of people's flaws, because he knew that everyone had flaws.  He would tell me how fat I was getting and then tell me how good It looked on me, although I knew he was just being nice about it.  He would compliment me even if I went to pick up our son in my pajamas, he'd say " that's when you look the best" you know that is not the truth, but he knew just how to make you feel like you was the most beautiful person in the world. That is who he was, he was a very kind, loving person.

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Fathers Name: Casper O'Neal Cornett
Mothers Name: Patricia Ann Woodby
Children's Names: Christopher, Devin and Brandon
Siblings Names: Chelsea, Nichole, and Christian
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Knoxville
Marital Status: Divorced


Favourite Sport: Basketball
Favourite Team: Kentucky Wildcats


Place of Passing: Knoxville, TN
Date of Passing: 1 September 2007
Cause of Passing: Illness
Place of Burial: Harlan County, Kentucky
Funeral Location: Harlan County, Kentucky
Funeral Date: 6 September 2007
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