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mia rose whitehead
(2009 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: mia rose whitehead
Gender: Female
Lived: Thursday, 23 April 2009 - Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Story


All around us....the world questions the existence of our children…
All around us the world wonders how a baby born sleeping can leave a legacy
when they never even took a first breath here on this earth? All around
us…the world is too cowardly too ask, though we mothers have the answer.

Mia was our 3 rd child 2nd daughter she was is a very much wanted child we found out we were having mia on the 17th september 2008 we were over the moon althou not sure how the rest of the family were going to take the news we decided to keep it to ourselves for a little while but it became to hard to keep from others as i was so ill with hyperemeiss like i was in both other pregnacies i had lots of sickness and headaches but that didnt stop me loving her from day one,
i had my 1st scan at 14 weeks there she was on the screen till this time i almost thought i was going mad but she was really there, i had a misscariage in april so didnt think we would ever have another baby,
 the next scan was at 21 weeks there she was again getting bigger every thing looked fine but they couldnt tell us if she was a boy or girl so the next day we had a private scan i dont like suprises
and like to know what im having so i can be already for when they arrive when we were there they did lots of checks and showed us her hand and feet and told us we were having a baby girl we were so happy, i was still being ill right up untill about 32 weeks altou i was happy to be having her i just wanted her out and to stop feeling ill me and lee couldnt agree on her name i wanted mia rose and lee wanted ruby but as you can see i got my way, then at 35 weeks 6 days i hadnt felt mia move so i went to the hospital with my mum when we got there i was put on a moniter but she woke up and was kicking like mad so they sent me home over the weekend she was moving like mad this was very painfull but i wasnt worried because she was moving, the next day i had a busy day with friends having my hair cut and showing them mias clothes, then when lee got home he asked how i was and if mia had moved much when i thought back i realised i hadnt felt her all day, so i had a bath which normally made her move, we then went to bed and me and lee both thought we felt her move so off to sleep we went althou i never slept well when we got up she still never woke so
i phoned alice dale my midwife and she reasured me and arranged for us to go back to the hospital to have a trace, we droped mitchell and kira to school and my friends were reasuring me that she was getting ready to come out, we arrived at the hospital which seemed like a long jounery as there was lots of traffic, once at the day unit the midwife tried to find her heartbeat but couldnt so she called the doctor and he did a scan then came the words that no expecting parents should ever hear sorry your daughter has died, my heart broke straight away i felt sick from then i dont remember much apart from a breavement midwife telling me i couldnt tell mitchell and kira that
mia had became and angel that i had to be blunt and tell them she was dead to which i remember
saying i will tell them what i think. then my midwife alice dale came and explained what was going to happen the hospital wanted me to be induced then but alice told them i needed to see mitchell and kira and sort out things at home mia was going to be a home birth so i didnt have everything ready. when we left the hospital we went to lee's mum and dad and told them i couldnt say anything as i was to upset, all i wanted was my mum who was at work, they said they would pick the kids up from school then bring them home so we could tell them then they could stay with them.
 when we left lee's parents we went home and i phoned my mum and said i was sorry to phone her at work but i had lost the baby i remember her saying what and then i could hear people in the background telling her to go then someone came on the phone and told me she would be with me in 5 mintues, all i was worried about was her driving upset. then i phoned the school and told them what had happened and that lee's parents would be collecting them and that they wouldnt be a school the rest of the week i also asked them not to tell the kids, the school were very supportive.
 when mum came i just broke down, we asked her to come with us when we went back to the hospital and she said she would. i think my sister came but i cant remember as i was worried about telling the kids, then mum left to see my brothers and to get rob to look after our dog as we didnt no how long we would be in hospital for.
all i thought about was having to tell mitchell and kira that there baby sister had become an angel. i thought telling our family was hard but telling mitchell and kira has to be the second hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life other than walking out of the hospital without mia in her car seat,
when the kids got home from school we sat them down and explained that mia had become an angel and was living in the sky, mitchell and kiras little hearts broke in to a thousand pieces when we told them all i was thinking how can life be so cruel to do this to us but to them life was just being the biggest shit what had they ever done to deserve to lose there little sister before they even got to meet her and how were we going to put them back together when all we wanted to do was crawl up and break. We got there stuff ready and took them to lee's mums then At 7pm that night myself lee and my mum went back to the hospital where alice and dom another midwife from the team was waiting they induced me at 8pm and it was a strange evening sometimes we were laughing and sometimes we were crying, i didnt have much pain but they gave morphine to help me get some sleep, nothing happened  till 7;20 am on the 23rd then at 7:50 am mia was born weighing 4lb 14 oz she was born with her cord tightly around her neck 3 times, she was perfect she looked like she was sleeping. alice dom and the hospital were great they took photos for us and copies of her hand and footprints and also a bit of her hair. my sister came to meet mia and collect my mum they then went and left us to have sometime with mia by ourselves, we stayed till 4pm then went to register mia, after that we decided we would go home and see the kids, the hardest thing was walking out of the hospital without mia all snuggled up in her carseat that will haunt me for ever more. we told the hospital we would be back tomorrow to see her. we then went to see the kids and show them the pictures of mia as we felt they were to young to deal with meeting mia i hope they wont hold it against me when they are olderr.
the next day i went to ,mothercare to buy mia an outfit the ones we took to the hospital were 2 big and she was in something from neonate. i dont no how i did it but just knew i wanted her in something we had brought, that was the last time we sure mia until she went to the funeral home, once she was there we went every few days as she wasnt burried until the 13th of may family visited her and left teddies with her so she wasnt alone i hated that she was by her self. mia's funeral was lovely everyone wore someting pink and we had the service at the grave thery was alot of people there even thou not many of them had met her.
 will never forget mia and will always love her until the day we can be together again. i have since had my rainbow baby lexi who was born on 31/5/2010 with a true knot in her cord and may have become an angel to if her big sister was looking down on her and if alice hadnt been such a good midwife, lexi already knows she has a sister who is an angel, mia will always be talked about in my house and will never be forgotton. when lexi is old enough i will tell her this story.

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missing you so much mia love you more than you know snuggle up warm in the clouds sweet dreams princess forever yours...
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they say memories are golden they say memories are golden, well maybe this is true. we never wanted memories, we ...


Fathers Name: lee whitehead
Mothers Name: rebecca whitehead
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: United Kingdom



Place of Passing: princess ann hospital
Date of Passing: 23 April 2009
Cause of Passing: born sleeping
Type of Funeral: burial
Place of Burial: st marys extra
Funeral Director: beavis
Funeral Location: st marys extra
Funeral Date: 13 May 2009
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