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Biagio Covato
(1948 - 2003)


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General Details

Name: Sir Biagio Covato
Gender: Male
Age: 55 years old
Lived: Thursday, 1 January 1948 - Sunday, 23 March 2003

My Story

Born in Tripoli (Libya) 1th January 1948, by an Italian family who were settlers. After a few years Gaddafi get out Italians ensuring that there would put more feet. Then he was returning to Italia forced to leverage military, in Caserta and Naples through a relative met his future wife, Rita, which after some time we married in 1976. Once married he moved to Cassino where were his and where he together with other brothers had found accommodation.
He took a place worker for the company of FIAT where we worked for 25 years.
In these years had a series of problems with regard all'ipofisi health and stomach. The poor health of this country rovinò entirely and reduced serious medical condition that is obesity. In February 2003 entered into serious health conditions which forced him to seek a hospital immediately where could operarsi but these things must be in Italy for lunghe.Una night of March 16, what happened would not have ever expected, one of the veins that had him in the legs inflated and burst, lost much blood, was immediately admitted emergency where he remained in hospital for a week. Sunday, 23 March was about 16.20 when go to get up out of bed to go to the bathroom, there removed the respirator from the mouth and stood up, on his return failed to reach the bed, fell to the ground, the un'ictus stroncò, because the lack of oxygen.

Many people remember him for his simplicity, his jokes, his laughter always and concern for others, never miss anything to anyone, it was evil at the cost of good will to all. It will always stay in the hearts of all with great affection and still remember his smile that continues to smile in the heart of the people who always wanted him well and will continue to want.

his last sentence (the children "Do not abandon your mother ever, as you know is made, not leave alone")

This has been and will be for eternity, Biagio Covato.

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Hi, I am miss joy by name,Is my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile at which re...
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sei stato grande per me! sei stato il più forte! sei stato poco con noi ma pensa che un giorno ti raggiungerò anche...
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Se ti scrivo solo adesso un motivo ci sarà non è mica san Lorenzo non ci so...
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al mio papà da parte di tutta la famiglia.....
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Sono 5 anni che non sei più con noi, ci manchi ma noi cerchiamo di dimostrarci forti di fronte alla tua visione dall'...




Date of Passing: 23 March 2003
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