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Barbara Campbell
(1934 - 2002)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Barbara Campbell
Nick Name: "Bobbie"
Maiden Name: Stanley
Gender: Female
Age: 68 years old
Lived: Monday, 30 July 1934 - Friday, 22 November 2002

My Story

My momma  was Barbara Stanley Campbell she was the worlds best momma, which I'm sure most momma's are to us... BUT yes, to me she was the B-E-S-T!!! No matter what I did she was there for me.. if I needed a HUG, she was there, if I needed Love, she was there, if I needed a swift kick in the rear she was there..SHE WAS MY momma, my best friend, my all in all, and on Nov 22, 2002, God decide that it was time for her to come home. Her journey was complete, she had fought a good fight and she had kept the faith, and her race was run....BUT mine was still to go on, and it has been so hard for me....just 10yrs earlier as most know I lost my 5yr old son and me and momma became even closer if that was possible. so when God called her home I was left family around me that is..but I was and I still am surrounded by a group of wonderful friends, and some that have taken me in as their family...enough on me  NOW for momma...............
My momma always had kids around from the time I can remember it was always our house that me and my friends hung out out....from Robin, Shelia, Dean, Laura, Gaye...and the list goes on and on to me being out of High school and growing up(r should I say older) MY MOMMA WAS MA CAMPBELL to most of the Wallace crowd..and then she started having smaller ones around from Heather, Elaine(Bootie) to Tristan(BOOKIE) and even Little Adam for a short while. There was always someone around with us,and with her. Then along came AJ, Hayden and Blakelyn  THEY were the Apple of her eye! She loved them as much as she did her own grand son..MY BILL!!!!  AJ was first..he loved to stay with Aunt Barbara, then came along Hayden....he would call her Aunt Bar sweet, then the precious little girl Blakelyn. She only got to spend a couple of yrs with momma cause she was born in March 2000 and momma passed away in Nov. 2002. BUT SHE LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!
In 2000 I came to a point in my life where I had to do some changing in my life, and yes that bought new people into our lives..We met the Poole family from Lancaster SC..and there 2 more sweet girls came into my momma life..Brittany, and Courtney....she loved them, and they loved her. I am so glad that Sharon, and the girls got to know my momma. In a short 2yrs they all became very close, and made memories that would last forever.
NOW for her momma was one of 18 kids, and she was one of the youngest....I remember her telling me of how it was when she was young and oh how times have changed... AND one more family who momma loved  very much was Neil and Margeret Jackson..aka..Daddy Neil, and Mama Margeret, they were the Best neighbors at first, and then became FAMILY to her(us) They loved her as if she was flesh and blood to them,  just as they did my son, and they do me now..She loved them...
To try and close this Barbara Stanley Campbell was the Best of the Best, the Greatest of them all to me, I love her, and miss her with all my heart..Living without her has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Momma departed this world on Nov 22, 2002 with ARDS. She had been on a vent sense the 10th of that month, and her lungs grew hard and never could come off..BUT I KNOW SHE IS MADE WHOLE AGAIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you momma, and you and Bill wait for me at Heaven's Gate for I will be there soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Flower Memorial Tribute
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Mama I miss you so much and it hurts so deep, but I know you are happy in Heaven!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!
Flower Memorial Tribute
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Barbara, I miss you very much and was so so very sorry that I wasn't there for Sam during your sickness and passing...
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Momma I love you and miss you so much!
Candle Memorial Tribute
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Momma I light this candle in memory of you, I love and miss you so much! Love, Sam


Fathers Name: William Stanley
Mothers Name: Bertha Stanley
Spouse's Name: Olin Campbell
Children's Names: Saundra"Sam" Campbell
Siblings Names: to many to name 17 of them
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Wallace SC
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Divorced
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: Miami Dolphins
Favourite Book: Bible
Favourite Music Genre: Christian & Gospel


Place of Passing: McLeod Hosiptal Florence SC
Date of Passing: 22 November 2002
Cause of Passing: ARDS
Type of Funeral: Traditional
Place of Burial: Cheraw SC
Funeral Director: Phillip Caulder.Miller/Rivers/Caulder
Funeral Location: Wallce Bapitist Church Wallce SC
Funeral Date: 25 November 2002
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