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Annie Ann Moore
(1954 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Annie Ann Moore
Nick Name: Ann
Maiden Name: Duplantis
Gender: Female
Age: 53 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 23 March 1954 - Thursday, 14 February 2008

My Story

Annie was born to the union of Wilbert and Mable Duplantis. She was born and raised in Dulac La. She professed Christ at an early age .She was preceed in death by her parents,sister Bernella Dehart,Brother in law Tom Dehart and a special Son in law Christoper Steven Jones Sr.
She leaves to cherish her wonderful memories  her husband of 30 years Lehard Moore Sr,four daughters Tarina,Latina, Millie,Lillie,and one son Lehard Moore Jr. She also leaves behind 4stepchildren that she loved as her own, Anthony,Carla  Lajuan and Patricia, One adopted daughter daughter that she loved no different than the five that she beared, Debra. She also leaves to cherish  her memory four sisters, Arlene,Susan, Karen and Priscilla and two brothers Wilbert and Terry. She loved her kids and grandkids with every fiber of her being . They meant the world to her.     She would have given her grandchildren her last. If ever God put and  Angel on this earth, it would have been her.She lived the love of Christ in her heart and showed it daily . Her truly belonged to her grandchildren biology and adopted, and last but not least the grandaughter she raised as her own  Emma . For GOD so loved the world he gave us our mother Annie Ann Duplantis Moore. She was a true worker for Christ.  Our life will never be the same without her.  To be absent with the body is to be present with the Lord. We can see you and God having morning coffee and cigarettes and afternoon ICEE.          WE LOVE YOU MAMA!!!


John 14:27

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Heart Memorial Tribute
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Missing you so much right now !! Wishing you were here to see how much your babies have grown up! You would be so pro...
Incense Memorial Tribute
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Missing you so right now
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Phatphat
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Hey ole girl!! Just been missing you so much lately!! So much has gon eon with out being their .. I just some times t...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: millie
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Hi mom it has been a while for me I don't remember having this you know since I has surgery memory ain't what it used...
Flower Memorial Tribute
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Happy Mothers Day Momma. I love you and miss you so much. I wish you were here with me. I love you. Tarina P.S. I ...
Heart Memorial Tribute
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Hey momma its phat! Today maked 4 years that you have been gone! we miss u as i laid your roses on your grave i could...
Heart Memorial Tribute
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well it sme momma phat again and oh How i would have loved to b the one to tell you tarina was pregant!! lol but as t...
Heart Memorial Tribute
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Well mama its that time of the year and I wanted you to know that you are never forgotten. We love you and miss you.
Heart Memorial Tribute
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Well moma you are probably sitting in heaven laughing at me saying that fool . Yeap I thought I was done raising kids...
Memory Memorial Tribute
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Yesterday you would have made 57 and we thought of you moma!No a day goes bye that I dont think of you!I ask my self ...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: tarinaduplantis
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Three years and it seems like yesterday ole girl! the songs that comes to min...
Flower Memorial Tribute
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Well moma its me phat again just wanted to know that Another year has gone by with out u and I just miss u soo much t...


Fathers Name: Wilbert J Duplantis Sr
Mothers Name: Mable B White Duplantis
Children's Names: Tarina, Latina, Millie,Lillie Lehard Jr
Siblings Names: Susan Bernella Karen Arlene Priscilla Terry Wilbert Jr
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Coushatta
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Other Christian


Favourite Book: Suduku
Favourite Movie: Sister Act Series
Favourite Music Genre: Christian & Gospel
Favourite Artist: Willie Neal
Favourite Charity: Shriners and feed the children


Place of Passing: Christus Schumpert Highland
Date of Passing: 14 February 2008
Cause of Passing: ogran failure due to MRSA
Type of Funeral: Baptist
Place of Burial: New Hope Cemetery
Plot Number: family plot
Funeral Director: Huey L Taylor
Funeral Location: New Hope # 3 Church
Funeral Date: 23 February 2008
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