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Alice Evelyn
(Unknown - Unknown)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Alice Evelyn
Gender: Female
Lived: Unknown - Unknown

My Story

My Grandmother, Evelynn, was a special woman with a humble heart. She always put others first, and asked little for in herself in return. The part of my Grandmother's life that makes me sad is that she never really learned how to totally relax and have fun. She worried a lot, and even when she was joyful, she was pensive, always with a burden just over her shoulder. If I could have my Grandmother back again, I would try harder to make her laugh and forget her cares. I would try harder to convince her she was "good enough" and more, even though many around her had bigger houses and more material things. I would hug her more, and be gentler with her when she began to be not herself, and say and do things out of character. I would be wiser if I could go back...wiser on behalf of my grandmother, who was always so wise for me.

I love you Grandma Drye. And I think of you a lot, and I miss you more instead of less with the years.

I hope there is a heaven, and that you dancing there now.

Happy Mother's Day.


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Heart Memorial Tribute
From: kdking
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Children's Names: Bill, Buddy, Lester, Glenn, and Norman
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Occupation: Healthcare & Medical
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Charity: Southside Church


Place of Passing: NC
Place of Burial: NC
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