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Aidan Woods
(1980 - 2000)


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General Details

Name: Mr Aidan Woods
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years old
Lived: Friday, 13 June 1980 - Tuesday, 25 July 2000

My Story

Aidan was born on Friday the Thirteenth and I didn’t think for one moment it would mean bad luck for him or me. He was a lovely baby no bother at all, as he was growing up I thought he was to good to be true, he was so loving and happy. When he grew into a handsome young man I thought he would find himself a nice young woman and settle down and have a family. How wrong I was! He worked from leaving school, first in a butchers then in a restaurant. He finally got his dream job on the 22/07/2000, in a bar working in the kitchen (he loved cooking) he went for a welcome drink on 24/07/2000 that was the last time I seen my lovely son on his way home at 5:20 the next morning 25/07/2000 he had an accident on his motor bike and died. My life has never been the same since and never will be again. I miss him so much it hurts every hour of every day. They say time heals it DOESNT it hurts the same now as it did the day he went to sleep and didn’t wake up. I have learned to cope with it but never came to terms with it. I have four other grown up children who all loved Aidan very much, without them and my lovely husband I wouldn’t be here today I would have joined Aidan in heaven.
Goodnight Aidan I WILL see you again until then xxxxx I love and miss you so much son xxxxx All my love always Mam xxxxx

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From: joybaby100
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Hi, I am miss joy by name,Is my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile at which re...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: Bunches
Song Name: Yellow
Artist: Coldplay
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This song was released just before i lost Aidan he loved it xxx sadly he didn...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: Bunches
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I love and miss you so much Aidan Son i wish you were still here with me :'( xxxx till we meet again xxxx lots of lo...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: sapphire1
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So sorry for the loss of your Son Aidan, I also lost my Son Bernie 2007 x God Bless x
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: Bunches
Song Name: Unchained Melody
Artist: Righteous Brothers
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Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea, To the open arms of the sea. Lon...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
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Song Name: High
Artist: Lighthouse Family
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When you're close to tears remember Some day it'll all be over One day 'w...
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Candle Memorial Tribute
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Fathers Name: Tam Woods
Mothers Name: Sally Woods
Siblings Names: Alan, Aaron, Adele & Thomas
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
City of Residence: Newcastle Upon-Tyne
Occupation: Hospitality & Tourism
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Team: Newcastle United
Favourite Book: Cronicles Of Narnia
Favourite Music Genre: Miscellaneous
Favourite Artist: Bee Gee's
Favourite Charity: NSPCC


Place of Passing: Two minuets round the corner from where we live.
Date of Passing: 25 July 2000
Cause of Passing: Motor bike accident.
Type of Funeral: Humanist
Place of Burial: Benton Cemetory
Funeral Director: Harrisons
Funeral Location: Benton Cemetory
Funeral Date: 1 August 2000
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