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Zach Bell
(1999 - 1999)


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General Details

Name: Mr Zach Bell
Gender: Male
Lived: Saturday, 24 April 1999 - Saturday, 24 April 1999

My Story

zach was unfortunatly born dead :(:(:(

I had been to the doctors umpteen times. I knew something was wrong. My stomach kept going hard and my son wasn,t moving as much afterwards. I kept getting told i was just overanxious. Then i went for a few hours the day before giving birth without any movement. I went to our local health centre and was sent from there to the hospital. I was put on a monitor then scanned. I was then informed that there was no heart beat and that my baby was dead.After 10 hours my son was born he was six weeks early. My son was a beautiful little boy with a head of dark hair.  He looked perfect. I didn,t opt for a post mortem as i couldn,t bare them doing that to him so i,ll never know why.The hardest part for me was when my son was being taken away to go to the undertakers. I couldn,t take it in, i was still totally in shock. I will never forget my beautifull little boy.

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Incense Memorial Tribute
From: pollicoy
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lots of love and kisses zach from benxxx.
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: pollicoy
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good night and god bless darling.
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: MaryCleary
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Heart Memorial Tribute
From: pollicoy
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Hiya Zach love you and miss you lots have my love, Tayrn xXx


Fathers Name: john bell
Mothers Name: pauline coyle
Siblings Names: ben bell, john bell and tayrn coyle
Country of Birth: Scotland
Country of Residence: Scotland
Religion: Catholic



Place of Passing: inverclyde royal hospital
Date of Passing: 24 April 1999
Cause of Passing: ??
Type of Funeral: buried
Place of Burial: Gourock
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