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Victor Vic. Tessaro
(1928 - 2005)


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General Details

Name: Mr Victor Vic. Tessaro
Nick Name: Vic
Gender: Male
Age: 76 years old
Lived: Thursday, 15 November 1928 - Sunday, 2 October 2005

My Story

Mr. Tessaro was born in Beckley WV. November 15 1928.
Victor was an electrical contractor for 35 years. He loved to fish and gardening and looked foreward every year to entering his produce into the West Virginia state fair, where he won many awards and ribbons.
He was preceded in death by his father Giovanni ( John) Tessaro, and his mother  Madelina Tessaro and a sister Bernita Tessaro.
Survivors include his wife of 54 years, June (Sheffy) Tessaro two sisters, Edna Canaday of Eccles and Mary Price of Gross Point Mich and a brother Andrew Tessaro of Elyria Ohio.
He was the father of eight children, Johnny of Eccles WV.  Vernon Of Farridale WV. Michael Of Eccles WV. Jessie Of  Middlesburg Fla. Allen of Concord NC. Maria of Grandview WV. Linda of Mount Pleasant NC. And Carol of Mount pleasant NC.
Victor also had 18 Grandchildren and Five Great Grandchildren And Three Step Grandchildren.
Victor also served in  the USA Military.

A little bit about the Tessaro Family. The Italian Family started back in Italy, with Giovanni(John)and Madelina (Mundine) Tessaro. Both born in Querto,Italy. But lived in Belluno, Italy. John came to the USA from Italy on a ship to Ellis Island in New York. And several yrs. later joined by his wife Madelina. They later resigned in Eccles WV. were John worked as a coal miner at the Eccles mines. He was latter murdered at the mines.. Investigations reported that it was a murder but the case could not be solved. And remains so today. Madelina remained in Eccles with some of her children. Madelina's children, twin daughters Mary,& Edna, a deceased daughter Bernita, Son Bombino,(Andrew)and Victor. Which brings me here today.. Victor met and married his wife June (Sheffy)Tessaro. He remained with his wife of 54 years until he passed away on October. 2, 2005.. He was born Nov. 15, 1928. They had 8 children together,18 Grandchildren, 5 Great Grandchildren, and 3 step Grandchildren.. Victor was an avid Gardner which he raised 2 to 3 large gardens per year for many years. He entered his vegetables in the WV. State Fair for years, were He won many awards and ribbons on His vegetables. He also Loved to Fish, His favorate place to fish was at Sandstone Falls.. He was an Electrishion for 35 yrs.

While you were here you toiled the soil and fished the waters.
You taught gardening to all who would listen. raising masses of vegetables and beautiful flowers.
Not a penny earned for all the hard work and sweat. Your reward was in giving it all away. The pride you took each year to the fair, In all your preparing, tirelessly. Washing, drying,arranging so they would look their best. Always a winner always a best of show.
In the cold of winter you lit up the sky for all to see. Every year when I was a child I looked foreward to New Years Eve.
He who showed love to all in his own unique way.
He who wouls hide easter eggs for all his grandchildren to come and find. Some real, some plastic with money inside. Oh the joy in his face, the laughter when we'd find them.
As a child he'd hug me and beard my face, laughing at himself and me. all at the same time.
He who'd make a friend whereever he went, The soft spoken gentlemen he was.
I remember his greenhouses, when I was little he'd let me help him plant his seeds.
He loved his family, kids, cats, dogs,fishing and gardening.
My heart is heavy filled with sadness. I'm going to miss him while I am here, But someday soon I will see him again in Heaven. But for now the memories  of him will keep me and mend my broken heart.
He has touched my life, my heart, my sole.
He has taught me, feed me, sheltered me, and mentored me.
He has helped me to become who I am today.
For those of us he left behind, He would  want us to remember  all the good times we had with him.
As he lay here today. I know he is at peace. Mind, Body,  and Sole.
By : Rondia (Tessaro ) Acord

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I have so many memories of you, combing your Hair with Ronida, we had so much fun! Playing cards, taking you quart Ja...
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You will never ever be forgotten Grandpa!!
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In Memory and Honor of you Grandpa. Your memory will never die within me. I love you. Rondia ( Tessaro ) Acord
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Grandpa I miss you every single day. I often times remember the things you have tought me threw life. I love you and ...


Fathers Name: Giovanni Tessaro
Mothers Name: Madelina (Mundine) Tessaro
Spouse's Name: June (Sheffy) Tessaro
Children's Names: Johnny, Vernon Allen Jessie, Michael, Linda,Carol ,Maria
Siblings Names: Edna, Mary, Andrew BombinoTessaro, Bernitta.
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Beckley WV.
Occupation: Self-Employment
Marital Status: Married


Favourite Sport: Boxing
Favourite Book: Anything about Gardening And National Geografic


Place of Passing: Charleston WV.
Date of Passing: 2 October 2005
Cause of Passing: Heart Failure after surgery
Type of Funeral: Tradishional With grave side military salute
Place of Burial: Blue Ridge Beckley WV.
Funeral Location: Beckley WV.
Funeral Date: 7 October 2008
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