Thomas  Burns Jr

Thomas Burns Jr "T.J."
(1968 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Mr Thomas Burns Jr "T.J."
Gender: Male
Age: 41 years old
Lived: Monday, 22 January 1968 - Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Story

  Thomas was born on January 22, 1968 at 12:32 in the afternoon. He was perfect in every way and welcomed. He was a good baby and grew up fast. In the years after he was born he was followed by four brothers Patrick, Allyn, Derek and Kyle. Together they were more than a handfull. Life was never boring. Growing up the boys were typical while falling from trees, scraping their knees, banging their heads and  fighting between themselves.
At age five the day I dreaded Thomas started school. When I brought him in to school I expected him to be reluctant but he asked me to go home because he was ok. He was already displaying his independence.
Thomas was quick to learn and not to boast very smart. From kindergarten to grade 8 Thomas always excellerated in everything he did. School work came easy to him.
Upon entering grade nine Thomas started to get in with the class clowns and took a turn in another direction. Shrewd disipline and tough teachers got him back on track in grade 10. As time went on he decided he wanted to join the Air Force. He initially joined the 82nd Airborne Division and served a term. Jumping out of planes was not what he thought it would be.
Thomas met his wife Rosemarie soon after leaving the service. They had a son Shane and daughter Chelsea.He was a loving dad and enjoyed every minute of it.. The last year and a half was filled with uncertainty after having a gastric bypass. He was injured on his job put on workmans comp and spiraled downhill from there. Thomas became depressed and did not know the reasoning for his deep depression and pain. It became evident on July 27th when he was rushed to the hospital. He was very ill and did not recover. Thomas died of a peptic ulcer caused by his gastric bypass. If you really need to have this operation please find out the facts. The next obituary could be yours.

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Memory Memorial Tribute
From: everlovingtj
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T.J.s last days were tramatic and fast. There was no time to say good-bye because it was unexpected. I miss him every...


Fathers Name: Thomas J Burns Sr
Mothers Name: Evylyn (Levrault) Burns
Spouse's Name: Rosemarie (Paquette) Burns
Children's Names: Shane Thomas Burns
Siblings Names: Chelsea Marie Burns
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Fall River
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Sport: Baseball
Favourite Team: Red Sox
Favourite Movie: Titantic
Favourite Music Genre: Heavy Metal
Favourite Artist: Alice in Chains
Other Interests:
Thomas loved Grace Gospel Church and all associated with it.


Place of Passing: Charlton Memorial Hospital
Date of Passing: 30 July 2009
Cause of Passing: Gastric Bypass Complication
Type of Funeral: Short
Place of Burial: Cremated
Funeral Director: Charles
Funeral Location: South Main Street, Fall River MA.
Funeral Date: 1 August 2010
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