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Steve Prestwich
(1954 - 2011)


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General Details

Name: Mr Steve Prestwich
Gender: Male
Age: 56 years old
Lived: Friday, 5 March 1954 - Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Story

Steven Prestwich (5 March 1954 – 16 January 2011) was an English-born Australian drummer, guitarist, singer and songwriter. After relocating from Liverpool, Prestwich was the founding and long-term drummer for pub rockers, Cold Chisel, which formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1973. He wrote the Cold Chisel's songs, "When the War is Over" and "Forever Now", from the 1982 album Circus Animals. He also co-authored "Flame Trees". Prestwich also had a short spell with the Little River Band. Prestwich released two solo albums. Prestwich died on 16 January 2011 from a brain tumour two months before his 57th birthday.

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From: NAOMI24
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Dear new friend, My name is Naomi a good looking girl.I have a special reason of contacting you which i will make...
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From: lambidge
Song Name: Flame Trees
Artist: Steve Prestwich
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Comment Memorial Tribute
From: lambidge
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From time to time one thinks of who will be then next star to pass away, and normally people who live the fast uncont...


Children's Names: Melody, Vaughn
Country of Birth: England
Country of Residence: Australia
Occupation: Entertainment


Favourite Music Genre: Rock
Other Interests:
Musician, Producer, Writer


Date of Passing: 16 January 2011
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