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Ruby Ruby lee Cain
(1915 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Miss Ruby Ruby lee Cain
Nick Name: Grandma
Maiden Name: Talkington
Gender: Female
Age: 93 years old
Lived: Thursday, 29 April 1915 - Tuesday, 8 July 2008

My Story

Ruby Cain Talkington Was born in Coalgate , Oklahoma April 29, 1915. She Married R.D.Cain and was Married for 47 years. R.d. Cain died in November 29, 1979 From Liver Complications. Ruby resided in Good Shepard Nursing Home She had Altimzelrs and lived a full life up until she was dignoised. a few years Back. She Had two daughter Rosalie Cain Pedrosa and Lenora cain Sanders. She had 4 Grand daughters and 2 Grandsons all which reside in Oklahoma. she had 12 Great grandchildren. Grandma Was a Hard worker she worked on a diary and milked Cows. My Grandfather R.d. Cain worked on the same diary and I can remember one time that my grandpa had gotten kicked in the nose by a cow he was hooking up a machine. When we the grand kids had came to the hospital they had his nose wrapped in a white round gauze and we all wanted to paint it red because it looked like hoho the clows nose he wore. It was very funny of course my mom and my aunt linn would not let us. My Grandmother lived in Pauls Valley OKlahoma when we were little and my sister and I would stay with her during the summer months so we could spend time with or cousins. There was Donna and I (Patti) , Penny, Artie, Kandy. Most of the time It was just penny, Donna  and I  Grandma had a gold pontiac that she would let penny or donna drive down to the store so we could get an iccee. It was loud because of the mufflers and we would be flying down the hills and always had a good time. One time my cousin Penny was driving and we were going faster than we should have been and there was a bird flying alongside the car and penny told the bird move over bird because we were flying to. Penny and I have always been close like sisters thru the years donna and her had grown apart. When grandma passed on the eighth of July Kandy my youngest cousin started all kind of crap power playing and caused ill feelings toward everyone in the family. But i love my cousin and She knows it . . That is why it was always just Penny donna and I thru the years. My Aunt did not attend the funreal which hurt my mother and because of the whole incident they have quit talking to one another which is the worst that could of happened because linn lost her husband a few years back and my mother lost my father last year and they have been reserching their hertiage together on the internet and confersing back and forth everyday. Nothing is worth them not being able to talk to one another to be able and support each other at this time when their mother died...There are so many stories about all the time that penny, Donna, and I have and now that I guess is all we will have now is old memories because of all the choas that Kandy Caused.

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Candle Memorial Tribute
From: Angelseyes
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May you rest in Peace Grandma


Fathers Name: Delbert Talkington
Mothers Name: Mandy Bell Singleton ( Talkington)
Spouse's Name: R.D. cain
Children's Names: Rosalie Cain ( Pedrosa) Lenora Cain (Sanders)
Siblings Names: Mae Holman, Muriel Garrison, Lois Marie Davis, Jess Talkington, Arthur Talkington, Odell Talkington (Twink)
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Widowed
Religion: Other


Favourite Music Genre: Country


Place of Passing: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date of Passing: 8 July 2008
Cause of Passing: Alztimers
Type of Funeral: Grave site
Place of Burial: Cummins Cemetery
Funeral Director: Derrick from vondel l smith and sons
Funeral Location: Maud Oklahoma
Funeral Date: 12 July 2008
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