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Rocket Sanchez
(1996 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Rocket Sanchez
Gender: Male
Age: 15 years old
Lived: Monday, 30 September 1996 - Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Story

I met Rocket in 1998 when I answered an ad in the paper for a two year old Chihuahua for sale.  I’ll never forget our first meeting.  He was a little fire cracker.  He barked and snarled and snapped at me and wouldn’t let me get near him.  Then he lifted his leg and peed on the carpet in case I had any doubts about who was the boss of that house.  For me, it was love at first sight. 

Rocket must have thought things over during the car ride home, because when I let him out of his carrier, he immediately crawled into my lap.  We were inseparable from that moment on. 

Rocket loved pupperoni, chicken, belly rubs, sunshine, warm blankets, his bed, beanies, chasing kitties, exploring new places, walks down the Jordan River trail, and opening presents.  He loved cuddling with his mom.  He liked being sang to, especially when the words were changed to somehow include his name.  He shared his home with many different dogs over the years and he enjoyed being a part of a pack.  He seemed to take special joy in bossing around dogs who were much, much bigger than himself.  

Rocket was intelligent, protective and courageous, a typical Chihuahua in many ways.  He was completely devoted to his mommy.  He made many special friends over the years, and although he grew to love and accept James as his daddy, he was always a mama’s boy through and through.  

Rocket was my best and closest friend for 13 years.  He gave my life meaning.  He gave me the kind of unwavering, unconditional love that only a dog can give.  He was fiercely loyal.  He would have done anything to make me happy.  And he did make me so happy.  There are no words to describe this loss.    

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Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: natalie265
Song Name: Daniel or as we s...
Artist: Elton John
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Rocket is traveling tonight on a plane. I can see the red tail lights headin...
Comment Memorial Tribute
From: mrowberry
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Rocket, you were such a cute, little dog with a big personality! You won't be forgotten. R.I.P.


Fathers Name: James Hebdon
Mothers Name: Natalie Hart



Date of Passing: 17 January 2012
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