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Robert D Scott
(1932 - 2005)


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General Details

Name: Mr Robert D Scott
Gender: Male
Age: 72 years old
Lived: Saturday, 3 December 1932 - Tuesday, 4 January 2005

My Story

Robert D. Scott was born on December 3, 1932 in Baltimore Maryland to the parents of William and Dorothy.  He was the oldest of  five siblings, after which was William, Richard, Alice, and Dorothy.    Not long after the last child was born, Robert's family became estranged from each other because of the divorce of thier parents.

Robert ,   including his siblings were  sent on to be raised in foster homes apart from one another.   Mourning the loss of his immediate family,  he went about passionatly to find his siblings in order that they might all be in touch with each other and not lost.   Robert was successful in his cause and eventualy regained his ties with his brothers and sisters always striving to resume some kind of a family life with them until the day he passed.

Denied the family he most cherrished, Robert set about to create a family of his own,  soon he would meet the love of his life,  Elizabeth Ann Hutto.   He was in the navy at time and met his bride to be while on shore leave.   It was not long that their relationship bloomed into love and they married.  Soon Robert would have the family he always dreamed,  he became a father to Charlotte, Robert Jr. William, Gene, Sherry and Cindy.   Unfourtunatly  his daughter Sherry passed away as a baby due to heart complications.    

His most valuable accomplishment according to Robert was  being a Husband, Father, grandfather, and greatgrandfather.    The only thing more important to him was his relationship with  the Almighty God  and to his country, for which he served proudly as well.  Many times he would  articulate  his appreciation regarding the Navy because he was given the opportunity to travel the world, each country would hold a special memory to him, each story he would tell time and time again with the  same excitement as if he was experiancing it the first time.

By trade Robert was a carpenter once he served his years in the Navy,  he also worked in the elevator industry, that is building them or fixing them.    He was a very good "handyman" and car mechanic as well.    Many times he built a book shelf or two, one time a beautiful gazibo for a client.     In later years Robert became a kitchen cabinet designger,  this at last was the job of his dreams,  creating something beautiful for others to enjoy.

In Robert's spare time his passion was to study the Bible and any thing related to God,  this he would pass on to his children in hopes that they too would aquire the same zeal  concerning the knowledge of God.     Other times he  became involved in his son's football games with almost an equal passion.    He was very athletic in his younger years and loved anything that had to do with sports.   He never missed the olymics, they were almost sacred to him, perhaps it was the strength ,   fortitude,  endurance and will of the spirit that he admired in all atheletes.  He was a boxer in the Navy,  field and track in highschool.   These traits he would pass down to his sons as well.   Another trait he would pass, not only to his daughters,  but his son's as well would be the ability to sew , cook and clean, he believed in equal rights.

He was a very gregarious man, he loved a good party or barb-b-que., and a good joke.   His favorite holiday was Christmas, in spite of the fact that he lost his daughter Sherry on Christmas eve it was the only good memory he had as a child before being sent into foster care.    Robert was a great dancer, to watch him dance with his wife was poetry in motion.  He loved music and movies, his favorite being "Rocket Gibralta".    He recorded his  life history with pictures that he took throughout his life, his greatest subject  was that of    FAMILY.  Before he would pass away he would have aquired box's upon box's of pictures alone along with videos of what he considered his most prized possessions, his FAMILY.

While Robert was stricken with emphysema in the last years of his life,  he passed suddenly and quickly of a heart attack after having a stroke,  all in one day.   He live a full life and was admired by his children who loved him dearly.  
Dad, we miss you, we miss your words of encouragement and wisdom that always helped us in our daily live's,    your funny jokes,  your twinkeling blue eyes full of fun and mischief, and your wonderful stories.  Thanks for teaching us so much about life, love, and more important family.  Bob still says,  "Measure twice,  cut once".    Whatever you taught Bill in his carpentry skills, still "stick".   Gene "knows" what you meant to tell him and didnt get the chance to.    Cindy's faith "has" grown stronger.    Char is finally getting "it".     You would be prould of all of us, even though we know you would never tell us.  Try not to give God to much grief.    


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Happy birthday Dad! I always liked our family get togethers, when we all would cut up. It was mostly to make fun of ...
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Hi Dad I miss you! Its going to be fathers day weekend. I remember when you would say why do you get cards that said ...
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I know the other memory of you covers all, but, my other memory is of you, the last Christmas before you passed, I...
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Of all my memories of you, there is only one that defines who you and Mom are, Christmas day-that "day". It repre...
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You will always be in my heart, I will hear your voice in all I do reminding me in the ways of the Lord. In my hear...
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Thank you for "lighting" my path in the ways of the Lord. You were my father on earth, but praise be to our Heavenly...
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Dad thanks for allowing me to "bloom" while showing me the "right" way to go, more than that, for understanding me an...
Stone Memorial Tribute
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Dad, thanks for being the "stone", the "rock" in my life when I needed you most.
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: Char
Song Name: "Love"
Artist: Nat King Cole
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Remember the email I sent you with this song?


Fathers Name: William
Mothers Name: Dorothy
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Palm Bay, Florida
Occupation: Retail & Consumer Products
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Other Christian


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: Dolphins
Favourite Book: Bible
Favourite Movie: "Rocket Gilbralta"
Favourite Music Genre: Pop
Favourite Artist: Nat King Cole
Favourite Charity: Shepherds Chapel


Place of Passing: Melbourne, Fl
Date of Passing: 4 January 2005
Cause of Passing: Heart Attack
Type of Funeral: Creamation
Funeral Date: 10 January 2005
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