Jeffrey "Doodie" Jackson
(1992 - 2009)


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doodie we all miss and love you,JULY 31TH 2010 will be 1 year that you was taken away from your family.we are all gonna get together(FAMILY)to have something for you on JULY 31TH 2010.i love you so very much,your(AUNT COOKIE)
doodie is my nephew,he was not shot in the toso he was shot in the back,also his father last name is not jackson my baby sister lorraine family name is jackson.doodie middle name is not doodie that is his nickname,also he NEVER beg for his life because when he was shot in his back it enter his HEART and he died before he hit the ground.i also have a web post on this site for my nephew and so do...
From: KSM
damn man is still hard tew accept dhat he's gone i loved dhiss kid like he was my own big botha nd imma miss him nd i wanna say thanx jeffrey for always lookin out for me -Kimasha
Song Dedication
From: jlilly92
Song Name: When I Get Where I'm Goin'
Artist: Brad Paisley
Our Wishing Well

Our Wishing Well