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John Ralph Wood
(1925 - 2001)


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General Details

Name: Mr John Ralph Wood
Nick Name: J,R.
Gender: Male
Age: 76 years old
Lived: Sunday, 12 July 1925 - Wednesday, 24 October 2001

My Story

                                                        Memorial to John
John Ralph Wood was the first child also the first son to Ralph and Regis Wood.....He had 9 siblings......Richard, Paul, Rita, Raymond, Peter, Mark, Jerome, Regina, Thomas.

During World War II he enlisted in the Army Air Force and served for three years and was discharged in 1945... After returning home he found employment with a company that was building the Union Village Dam.  Following the completion of that dam, he then worked for the B&M Railroad at White River Jct. for 12 years.  

It was while he was on this job that we met upon my graduation and we were married in April of 1950.  In 1957 we moved to California where John was employed with Douglas Aircraft at Mojave.  After 3 years we moved back to Vermont now with 8 children..... While there we were members of the Sacred Heart Church of Lancaster. 

We then settled in Quechee and John began working for the US Postal Service... We purchased  home and lived there for 9 years and we became parents to 4 more babies during this time...bringing our number of children to 12.  We had an opportunity to move to Sharon into a country setting and we thought this was a good idea with the young children, although by then the two oldest were seniors in high school. John felt this would give all the children the opportunity to learn about animals and gardening.....which he did both, big gardens and he raised beef cattle for about 8 years...getting involved with all that was necessary to care for the cattle, getting involved with mowing of hay, etc. 

He retired from the Postal Service in 1986 and wanted to do a bit of construction work, so bought the equipment and enjoyed doing this sort of as a hobby, as well as he wanted to help his children who were now getting married and building homes.  In 1991 he began to develop health problems and his construction business was finally closed out by 1997.  We bought a home in Virginia and moved to Fredericksburg in 1998 .

Over the years John loved hunting and he had a gun collection that he enjoyed for years.  After his health was not allowing him to enjoy all these things as much, he turned to another hobby which was the computer. He knew nothing about computers but over the next 9 years he had nearly mastered it.....was able to maintain it when it crashed and much more.  He truly enjoyed all that it offered to connect him with the outside world and he spent his time there to the very day he went to the hospital for the final time.  His health never could improve and he passed away on October 24, 2001 at Mary Washington Hospital with several members of his family at his side. While here in Virginia he was a member of St Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

He was taken back to Vermont where his funeral was held at St. Anthony's Catholic Church where he had been a life long communicant.  His interment was at the Vermont Veterans Cemetery, Randolph Center, Vermont.  

He is survived by his wife of 51-1/2 years and his children: Maureen, Michael, Michelle, Matthew, Marc, Mitchell, Marshall, Monica, Martin, Miles, Montgomery, Maria.  

He left 31 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.  

He was predeceased by an infant grandson,  John Albert Wood.

REST IN PEACE my dear John......until one day we are all together again.
I would like to invite anyone who remember John to leave a memory of him to share on this Memorial page dedicated to him.    Thank you in advance for your kind thoughts and memories.  

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Fathers Name: Ralph Merton Wood
Mothers Name: Regis Daley Wood
Spouse's Name: Regina Bovat Wood
Children's Names: Maureen, Michael, Michelle, Matthew, Marc, Mitchell, Marshall, Monica, Martin, Miles, Montgomery, Maria
Siblings Names: Richard, Paul, Rita, Raymond, Peter, Mark, Jerome, Regina, Thomas
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Fredericksburg
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Catholic



Place of Passing: Mary Washington Hospital ...Virginia
Date of Passing: 24 October 2001
Type of Funeral: Christian
Place of Burial: Vermont Veterans Cemetery...Randolph Ctr, V
Funeral Director: Knights
Funeral Location: White River Jct. VT
Funeral Date: 31 October 2001
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