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Taylin Cooper
(1993 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Miss Taylin Cooper
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Lived: Friday, 14 May 1993 - Friday, 2 July 2010

My Story

Taylin Arielle Cooper was tragically killed in a car accident on July 2, 2010. Taylin was driving along with her best friend, when a speeding car ran a red light and collided with Taylin's car. Taylin was pronounced dead at the scene, while her best friend Alyssa was rushed to the hospital. Alyssa survived the devastating crash, though her heart like many others is left empty. Taylin was just 17 years of age. A young, free spirit, without a care in the world. She had many goals, and ambitions to achieve in the years ahead of her. This tragedy has altered the hearts forever of her friends and family. Taylin loved to smile, and do things for others. She even loved to rebel a little, and think out loud. She is an irreplaceable person, and no one will come along quite like her. She has left her mark on this world, and is on to another to spread her wings. Things sure seem lonely in a world without Taylin, but we know she is never to far away.

Rest in Paradise Taylin Arielle <3
Forever young, forever in our hearts.

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Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: AshleighCooper
Song Name: Bless the Broken ...
Artist: Rascal Flatts
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Angel <3
Flower Memorial Tribute
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Tay, I made this for you. Everything I do these days seems to be for you. It's only been 6 days since the acciden...


Fathers Name: Timothy
Mothers Name: Caroline
Siblings Names: Ashleigh, Becca, Stephen
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Los Angeles
Religion: Other Christian


Other Interests:
Taylin loved to hang out with friends, and her family. She was never one to stay in one place, and was always on the go. She always seemed to bring the fun where ever she was, and didn't believe in living the same day twice.


Date of Passing: 2 July 2010
Cause of Passing: Car Accident
Place of Burial: Greenwood Memorial Park
Funeral Location: St. Brendan Church
Funeral Date: 9 July 2010
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