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General Details

Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years old
Lived: Saturday, 29 January 2005 - Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My Story

In April 2005, Henry and I were fortunate enough to welcome Jake into our family. Jake came from a breeder in Maine. He was 10 weeks old and weighed 11 pounds.  He had never been in a home with stairs and curiously found himself walking upstairs to explore the bedrooms. The problem was coming down stairs apparently was much scarier to the little guy. He stayed at the top of the stairs and whined with anxiety. Bailey with her innate maternal instincts ran right up to the top of the stairs, literally nudged him and began walking downstairs. Jake followed Bailey and successfully navigated the stairs. This was the beginning of a life long loving relationship between Bailey and Jake. 

Jake was a challenge! Even with crate training he took over 8 months to be house trained.  He would walk and do "figure 8" pee trails all over the living room rug. We finally taught him how to ring a set of bells placed on the front and back doors to let us know when he wanted to go to the bathroom. This was the beginning of him teaching us how brilliant he was.  He was also very creative, because then whenever he was bored he would go ring the bells just to go hang outside for a bit, leaving us to discern which was a real pee break and which was a boredom break.  

He loved the kids, Henry and Dionna. Whenever they would wrestle or play on the living room floor with their dad, Jake would join right into the play and just lick their faces non-stop.  He was without a doubt among the most affectionate dogs, licking everyone's face, grown ups, kids, other animals. He was sooooo lovable.  People would stop me all the time and would say "he's so beautiful, what kind of dog is he", "what a beautiful coat". The default answer was "a flat coated retriever, he's like a black golden retriever".  

He loved his friends at day care (Canine Mastery), he was obsessed and adored Brandon his friend/dog walker. He would sit and look out the window after lunch waiting for Brandon and then would FREAK OUT when Brandon pulled up in his truck. If I was walking in the woods with Jake, he would pick up the scent of Brandon and his pack and from 100s of yards away just RACE thru the woods at top speed to meet up with Brandon.  This same explosion of excitement would happen when he went to Henry and Niko's' house.  Jake literally was love and commitment personified. 

In the end, he matured into a beautiful animal, a wonderful companion, and one of my closest friends in RI.  In his later years he would walk down busy streets with me off leash and just stay with me. Simply remarkable. I definitely felt his love. He always wanted to hang out with me and what I notice most now,  is the "absence of his presence".  He was an amazing animal.  A part of my heart will forever be filled and yet broken at the same time!

Henry's Addition

I remember the day that Jake came home (though Tom may remember it differently).  It stands out in my mind because I did not know he was going to be there.  Tom and I had discussed another dog and I knew he was coming - I just did not know the day.  If you have ever read the book Marley - then you know what kind of dog Jake was.  He had a zest for life and a knack for getting into trouble.  He had more energy than I have ever seen in another living creature.  Happy go lucky and affectionate to a fault - He would lick your face and not stop and I mean not stop.

My favorite Jake story actually does not even involve Jake - Last year I went to a psychic in Dartmouth.  It was the usual - relationship, job etc etc.  At the end of the appointment Lucia (the psychic) said to me ' there is someone in your life whose energy is strong.  He loves you to the point that when you enter the room he is only focused on you.  She continued.....  'Who is Jake??'  I laughed

Jake turned out to be a great dog - I miss him and hope that Bailey is still taking good care of him.

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From: dkiley
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Like his father, Tom, Jake had a zest and passion for life. He was so full of live and vitality. One couldn't help ...
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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours,...



Other Interests:
Jake loved his "toys"- stuffed animals, he was also obsessed with tennis balls and sticks. He loved hiking, rides in the car and swimming. He loved going to daycare and playing with his friends at Canine Mastery. We used to call it "puppy play".


Place of Passing: Rhode Island
Date of Passing: 2 March 2011
Cause of Passing: Lymphoma
Place of Burial: Individual Cremation
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