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Phillip Napier
(1974 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Phillip Napier
Gender: Male
Age: 35 years old
Lived: Saturday, 20 July 1974 - Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Story

Phillip James Napier, our first born son, how we love you and miss you!   Phil left this world in a tragic head-on collision on his way home from work on October 6, 2009, he was 35 years old. The paremedics on the scene later told us that he did not suffer. They told us he was not in pain and that he seemed calm and peaceful.  He was conscious and asked them to please try and get him out of that truck, because he had a wife and four kids to take care of.  The woman that his truck hit stayed by his side, she held to his shoulder and they prayed together until the paramedics arrived.  She later told me that I don't have anything to worry about, that he went straight to heaven. She said,
"Tell his children that their daddy went to heaven". 

   ~Hearing first-hand from those at the scene, helped us a great deal. ~

Phillip was the right-hand man to this family.  He was a leader and we all loved him so much we followed him wherever he went.  When he moved to Colorado, we all flew there and looked for a new job and a new home.  When he moved to Tennessee, everyone of us, five families moved to be with him. His sister Jesa, her husband and her two kids, his sister Miah, her husband and her three boys, his brother Jordan, his Aunt Robin and his mom and dad, all picked up camp and came to be with him.  We got to spend one year and five months with all of the family together in Tennessee before he left us.  We all thought that it was so great that all of us could stay together. We so loved our time together. Almost every single weekend we would all be together as one big family.

~We all thought that we had a lifetime together.~

~We took that time for granted.~

Phillip was such a huge part of our life.  He was strong as an ox and could do anything we needed. We could always count on him to help out whenever any one of us needed a hand.  He was bright, the smartest one of this family.  We all called him for help, for advice, for answers, for directions, you could not beat him in any game or stump him in any type of trivia game. He was just so smart!  He loved to play,he loved to sing karaoke, he had a beautiful voice.  It was such a pleasure for us to hear him sing duets with his sisters. Phil loved life! He was so big on having fun, the life of every party, every get-together.  He never got tired of having a good time.  He would come early and stay late and we just loved being with him.  We had great times just sitting on the front porch talking and sharing our lives together as a family should.  He was great dad, uncle, nephew, son, brother, and friend to all that met him. 

~His passing has left a huge gap in our life.~


Our boy worked with us in the ministry.  All his life he was involved in the church. He grew up in church, he learned much about the God he served.  He had a couple years when he sowed wild oats, but he never left the love of God. Just a week before he left this world, he stood before me, with his bible in his hand, his notes before him and taught me things from the Word of God.  I remember how he rushed in to where I was on the back porch to show me what he was learning.  I told him how exciting his teaching was and I asked him if he had ever thought that he may be called to preach, he nodded his head yes.  I told him to start preparing, start writing it down. We were hoping that one day he would work side by side with his Dad in the ministry again. So, I don't understand the timing.

~I wonder why he had to leave us so soon. ~

~I wish God would speak
down from heaven and tell me why.
 Why now?  Things were just getting real good.
Nevertheless, I'll trust God.~






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Forever Loved, Forever Missed.


Fathers Name: Charles
Mothers Name: Stephanie
Spouse's Name: Shannon
Children's Names: Marissa, Ashlie, Emma and Price
Siblings Names: Jesa, Miah, Jordan, Marcus Paul
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Bon Aqua
Occupation: Construction
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Sport: Boxing
Favourite Team: UFC Fighting
Favourite Music Genre: Country


Place of Passing: Lyles, Tennessee
Date of Passing: 6 October 2009
Cause of Passing: Car Accident
Place of Burial: Private Family Garden Cemetary
Funeral Location: Parents Home
Funeral Date: 8 October 2009
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