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Peter Lutz Peter Schiff Schiff
(1926 - 1945)


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General Details

Name: Mr Peter Lutz Peter Schiff Schiff
Nick Name: Petel
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years old
Lived: Thursday, 9 September 1926 - Thursday, 31 May 1945

My Story

Anne's long term, longed for love, Peter. She called him "Petel." He was three years older than her and usually overlooked her. 
 Originally from Berlin, Germany, his family (mother, stepfather, and him) moved to Amsterdam in 1939. (His biological father had emigrated to the USA in the 1930's. His parents were sent to Theresienstadt.) He was sent to Westerbork as early as September 1943, then Bergen-Belsen in February 1944, and finally to Auschwitz, where he died — date unknown.

the summer of 1940, when Anne was eleven years old, she fell in love with a boy named Peter Schiff who had recently moved to Amsterdam from Germany. He was three years older than her and they ran around the neighborhood holding hands that summer. A few years later, while in hiding, Anne often thought of him and wrote about him. Later, she died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and he died in Auschwitz concentration camp.
    Until Sunday, the public had seen no photo of Peter, but a man in Britain realized that his good friend, when he was a boy in Germany, was Anne's lost love. The man, Ernst Michaelis, donated a nice photo he had of Peter (shown above) to the Anne Frank House. In 1939, Ernst was about to be sent to England for safety by his parents (via the Kindertransport program) while Peter left Berlin for Amsterdam with his parents. As the two friends parted, Peter gave Ernst the photo. The inscription says: "In friendly remembrance of your friend Lutz Peter Schiff."

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Fathers Name: Richard (gescheiden) Schiff
Mothers Name: Erika Lewin
Country of Birth: Germany
City of Residence: Berlin, Germany
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Jewish



Place of Passing: Auschwitz concentration camp
Date of Passing: 31 May 1945
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