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Megan Jessica Bethany Green
(2004 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Miss Megan Jessica Bethany Green
Nick Name: Meg, Meggie Mog
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years old
Lived: Saturday, 29 May 2004 - Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Story

Megan Jessica Bethany Green
Born 29th May 2004 died 26th May 2010

On the 21st May it was a happy day to start with smiles on everyone's faces. it was a Friday, All the younger one's at School but Jack, Megan was on a half day, after Collecting Megan her daddy was driving home from the school, shops and park with Jack and Megan when he lost control of the car and crashed in to a wall then was hit by another car. The ambulance was Called and Tom (Daddy) Pulled Megan from the car whilst a passer-by helped free Jack, None of the children where breathing or talking, the ambulance arrived and performed CPR on both Jack and Megan, they where rushed to hospital, Tom Rung me whilst police rung his wife Jessica, I arrived at the hospital just as Jack was coming out of the ambulance he was a mess his lifeless body just lying on the giant be, covered in bandages and wires, then Megan arrived she was also lifeless and covered in cuts and bruises, They where both taken to Resus room and as i was greeted by police and then Tom and Jess came in both crying, tom was taken away to be check over, he came back and sat with his babies then Jack stopped breathing again and his organ's where shutting down, Jack died at 7:19pm and Megan died on the 26th May 5 days later, REST IN PEACE MEG

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Heart Memorial Tribute
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Megan, your stunning beauty and wonderful personality blessed those who knew you and who didn't on Earth. Now we know...
Flower Memorial Tribute
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love you x
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: AliceMaiken
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Rest in peace little angel<3
Memory Memorial Tribute
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Seeing you for the 1st time will be an amazing memory, Holding you too. Megan you where such a special little girl an...


Fathers Name: Tom Green
Mothers Name: Jessica Green
Siblings Names: Ben 8, Harry, 7 Lucy 7 and Jack ,2 Green
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: England
City of Residence: London, Uxbridge
Religion: Agnostic


Favourite Sport: Running
Favourite Book: Peter Rabbit
Favourite Movie: Monsters .Inc
Other Interests:
She loved babies, especially helping looking after them


Place of Passing: London
Date of Passing: 26 May 2010
Cause of Passing: Accident
Type of Funeral: Burial
Funeral Date: 3 July 2010
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