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Margaret Faulkner, Head Kelly
(1925 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Margaret Faulkner, Head Kelly
Nick Name: Nanny
Maiden Name: Fuller
Gender: Female
Age: 82 years old
Lived: Sunday, 5 April 1925 - Saturday, 23 February 2008

My Story

Mother was born at an unknown time April 5, 1925 to Benjamin Winstead Fuller and Ida Mae Bartlett Fuller.   Her father died of double pneumonia as the new year was coming in 70 years ago at the young age of 30 leaving Ida with one son and 5 daughters to raise alone.  Ida Mae (Granny) passed quietly in her sleep during a nap after church at age of 65.  Her siblings who have preceded her in death:  Winstead Fuller, Lillian Williams, Jane Keyser.  Her surviving sibilings:  Bertha Irene Grant and Bennie Mae Johnson.   She is also survived by her daughter Suzan McDaniel and four grandchildren and spouses:  Dustin Chey & Belinda McDaniel, Aaron Kirk & Jennifer McDaniel, Christian Davis & Kerri McDaniel, and only granddaughter: Chelsea Avaree McDaniel.  Great-grandchildren:  Brandon McDaniel, Kaylan McDaniel, Jesse McDaniel, Alanna McDaniel, Brianna McDaniel, Andrew McDaniel, Skylar McDaniel, Ian McDaniel, Abigail McDaniel and Sierra McDaniel

Mother married Connie Grant Faulkner in 1943 and I, Suzan Inez Faulkner, was born June 8, 1946, their only child.  My birth father left  us shortly after my birth and mother raised me and took care of my Grandmother alone for many years.  She would walk from Phenix City, Alabama across the Chatahoochee River to Swift Mill to work the 11p - 7 a shift as a smashhand... which is someone who untangled and retied all the threads that broke and would be in knots.  I think one of her only regrets is that she was unable to finish high school.   She always wanted to be a dress designer and live in New York.

In 1957 she married Reverand Herbert Judson Head and for the first time in my life I had a father!  He was killed in a work-related accident September 1, 1967.  Mother wore black and was in mourning for the loss of her husband for more than a year.

April 4, 1970 Mother married a very quiet, soft-spoken and gentle soul... our "PaPa" Emmet Kelly Jr. and was married until his death August 19, 1996.  Emmett was a wonderful husband to my mother and the very best grandfather to my four children that anyone could every wish for.

Nanny lived her whole life thinking of her child, her four grand children:  Dustin Chey McDaniel, Aaron Kirk McDaniel, Christian Davis McDaniel, and Chelsea Avaree McDaniel.  Every possible weekend they could come Nanny would be at our house with her beloved grandchildren.  She played in the ocean with them... went down high slides... took them fishing.. taught them about gardening and the most important things was that they knew she loved them unconditionally..

Mother was a humble woman with simple tastes and almost, non-existent needs.  She was a true humanitarian... had a huge heart with no malice at all.  She felt we are all God's children and we are all one.  I don't know why she developed alzheimers and forgot her family and all that was dear to her but I feel there is a reason for all things.  I, also, do not know why such a good woman should have had be be trapped in her own mind and have to suffer physically.  I know that she would never ask WHY... she would accept it, as she did... there was a reason she was here as long as she was with us in body even though her mind had left years ago.

She loved the color of RED!!  Hate purple and lavendar because the old shrouds were always that color!  And she was one of the few women who could wear red lipstick and it looked perfect!

Her family will miss her terribly but find comfort in the knowledge that we know she is not far away and she will be watching closely and protectively over her loved ones.  And I KNOW that she is "talking" someone's ears off in heaven at this very moment.....

Momma... I will always love you and I miss you terribly... your daughter...

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Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: margaretkelly
Song Name: Imagine
Artist: Mercy
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Favourite Music Genre: Christian & Gospel


Place of Passing: Columbus, Georgia
Date of Passing: 23 February 2008
Cause of Passing: Alzheimers
Type of Funeral: Celebration of Life
Place of Burial: Park Hill Cemetary Inurnment
Plot Number: Camelia 234-B
Funeral Location: 4123 Chalfonte Drive Columbus, Georgia 31904
Funeral Date: 1 March 2008
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