Madan Nunphuldiakchand Gopaul's Memorial

Madan Nunphuldiakchand Gopaul
(1918 - 2005)


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General Details

Name: Mr Madan Nunphuldiakchand Gopaul
Nick Name: Gopy
Gender: Male
Age: 86 years old
Lived: Saturday, 16 November 1918 - Wednesday, 21 September 2005

My Story

 Madan and Inez were a love story all their own.  She saw his picture in the newspaper (he was a local cricket star), and wanted to meet him.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  Madan was a handsome lad, Inez was a stunning beauty.   Like all relationships, their journey together was not always smooth, but love always prevailed.  Madan was a chemist, had many friends, was well loved for his outgoing "party" personality - he loved to dance, as well as for his cricket skills.  Inez loved to cook, entertain, sew, and would give her heart willingly to anyone -  including the poor and hungry on the street.  They both made many sacrifices for family and friends, and to give their children the opportunity for a "better" life, they left their beloved Guyana and immigrated to Canada. Both remained close with their siblings and relatives scattered across the world, with many still residing in the USA.  Their union had rewarded them with 5 chidlren -  3 daughters and two sons.  (Yvonne, Judy, Sen, Davy and Avena).  Madan died in 2005, and Inez grieved his loss deeply.  She lost the light in her eyes, and never seemed to bloom as she did when he was her partner.  Some months later, she  lost their youngest son Davy in May 2006.  His passing shocked everyone, and became a catalyst to Inez's downslide in health. 

Davy, as a youth, wanted to be an accountant.  He was bright, articulate, and very intelligent.  His life's journey led him to grooming and racing horses, as well as fathering 3 children, whom he loved deeply.  Krystal, Nicholas, and Joshua.  Davy's journey ended too soon - before he could achieve all he dreamed of accomplishing.

Then, on Feb. 20, 2009, Inez lost their eldest son, Sen.  Sen was highly intelligent, well-read, a poet, and a cricketer with a bright future.  He was invited to participate in both the Australian cricket team and the English team, he chose to go to England.  The life of a celebrity took its toll.  Sen left behind a beautiful daughter Emily, whom he too loved deeply.

Inez's grief was deep, and even though she tried bravely to continue, her broken heart  took a physical toll.  On Sept. 29, 2009, she said goodbye to this life on earth, and went to be with her beloved Madan, and sons Sen and Davy.

Apart from their daughters and grandchildren, Madan' is survived only by his two sisters, while Inez is the only deceased child of her parents, and is survived by her four sisters and brother.

Their 3 daughters know that they are all in a happier place - God chose to take them to HIS home, and even though we don't understand why so soon, we grieve their loss. We try to take comfort in that HE has them in HIS care, and that they are at peace. 

The sunlight dancing on the water, or the stars twinkling in the sky remind us they are always watching over us.

Grief over the loss of loved ones has many forms, for some, it is external, while for others, it remains internal.  Either way, it still hurts.

Dad, Mom, Sen, and Davy - you live on in the hearts of all of us still on this earth.

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From: desu
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Always remembering you, even more this month!


Fathers Name: Madan
Mothers Name: Inez
Country of Residence: Canada
Marital Status: Married


Favourite Sport: Cricket
Favourite Music Genre: Miscellaneous
Other Interests:


Date of Passing: 21 September 2005
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