Lou Eliezer Goldhammer's Memorial

Lou Eliezer Goldhammer
(1926 - 1984)


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General Details

Name: Mr Lou Eliezer Goldhammer
Gender: Male
Age: 58 years old
Lived: Monday, 1 February 1926 - Saturday, 1 September 1984

My Story

Lou Goldhammer

"A light in the darkness extinguished"

A gorgeous man who was loved by all who knew him. Still deeply missed even though it has been 23 years since he passed away. A survivor of the Holocaust, he embraced life and treasured every moment .

A caring and loving man who was focused on his family and friends. He was generous in so many ways, not only in the conventional sense, but with his time and his love. He had a sparkle and such a beautiful spirit.

Being my grandfather and having passed so many years ago, the memories I have of him are limited. That being said, every single one is beautiful and that is a measure of how special he was. He used to take my brother and I fishing, we used to go to the park and to the beach, he used to take us everywhere with him and make each time a fun adventure.

I vividly remember that Papa used to catch the bus from Queensland to Victoria and he would stay with us. I can remember the excitement and anticipation of a visit, and then how great it was to have him there. He used to sit at the kitchen table with my mum, they would chat and I loved the way that my mum called him Dad, even though he was her father-in-law. He would go with us to pick my brother up from school, and I can still see him playing with my brother's friends in the yard. Not in an embrarassing way, but in a super cool way.

Even though the years pass, I think about him all the time and sometimes I feel like crying, I miss him so much. You know that feeling of just wanting to see someone one more time, physically craving their presence? Sometimes I get goosebumps and I think it is him, that he is visiting me for a moment.

I know he watches over us, and smiles upon us.

Never far from our minds and hearts.

Latest Tributes

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Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Jeremy
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I never met you but from what i hear you were an amazing papa to my wife. May you rest in peace.
Stone Memorial Tribute
From: eeg
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I miss you and it's a real shame that you aren't here to enjoy your great grandchildren - you would have loved them.
Stone Memorial Tribute
From: eeg
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Always in my heart and soul.
Stone Memorial Tribute
From: daHammer
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I miss you an dthink of you all the time. I feel you are with me in some way and i proud part of you lives on in me, ...
Stone Memorial Tribute
From: tanyakrause
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thinking of you
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: tanyakrause
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I love you and miss you


Country of Birth: Poland
Country of Residence: Australia



Date of Passing: 1 September 1984

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