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Linda Westergren
(1955 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Linda Westergren
Gender: Female
Age: 55 years old
Lived: Thursday, 14 April 1955 - Saturday, 5 June 2010

My Story

Linda Kay Westergren, beloved mother, sister and friend, passed safely into the arms of her heavenly Father at Sharp Lakeview Hospice, in San Diego, California, on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Linda was born on April 14, 1955, in Holdrege, Nebraska, the youngest of five children to Lloyd and Laurine Westergren. She graduated from Irving High School, in Irving, Texas in 1972. Linda worked in Radio & Television and received a degree from Michigan School of Broadcast Arts in 1985. In 1995 she completed her studies at UCSD with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology.
Linda always had a spirit of adventure and a desire to travel. She sold everything, as a teenager right out of High School, and went backpacking around Europe with a friend. It would continue to be a lifelong dream of hers to travel and see new places. She also traveled and lived in many different locations throughout the United States.

Animals of all kinds were always a passion with Linda, especially horses. Most of her life she was known to own a horse or two. She would also have a cat or dog as a loving addition to her family throughout her lifetime. When she was a little girl she would frequently bring home neighborhood animals or any stray she could catch and leash it so it wouldn’t get away because she loved animals so much. Her older brother would accuse her of "strapping down" yet another poor animal! Her mother always made her let them go so they could find their way home.

In 1982 Brandon her oldest son was born and in 1983 Shaun her second son was soon to follow. They were the loves of her life and she poured herself into being a good mother. She exhibited this over and over again, one time opening a store in Holdrege, Nebraska, selling comic books and baseball cards so she and her sons could spend more time together. Throughout Linda’s life family continued to remain a high priority for her, she showed it yet again as she moved back to Holdrege to care for her aging mother, Laurine, in her later years.

Linda was always up for a new adventure and loved a new challenge. She had an open and kind spirit, loved everyone she knew and accepted people for who they were. She never knew a stranger and welcomed folks into her life with an open heart and arms and as a result today many call her friend.

Linda was a strong and determined woman as she raised her two sons, Shaun and Brandon. As a single mother, she worked so hard to reassure the boys of their security and stability as a family, all the while the boys had no idea they had very little money. She would make sure that Christmases were plentiful and always enrolled them in some sort of sports. At times Linda would work two jobs just to support them. This of course was all while going to school full time to receive her bachelor’s degree. After getting her degree from UCSD Linda had a longing to work with troubled teens, and eventually in the late 90’s this lead to her giving two teens, that had nowhere else to go, a warm place to stay and a meal in their bellies.

Linda also had a passion for history, not just American history but world history. During Brandon’s final year in high school, she decided to take her sons Brandon and Shaun on probably their most memorable trip. She took them to all of Western Europe over a two-week span and helped them explore places like England, France, Scotland and Ireland. Along with her passion for traveling, Linda wanted to visit Africa, and at one point wanted to teach in the “Peace Core”. Unfortunately she became ill and never made it but at times looked at photographs and called it “heaven on earth”. This is where she has requested her son Brandon to take her remains and let her rest peacefully.

Linda was courageous; to some a “hero” as she never judged a book by its cover and was always eager to peel the layers back. She would listen to others problems, all while keeping hers under wraps and out of sight. Linda was a great mother, friend and companion. Linda loved to laugh, and keep others smiling. She was the greatest Mom her boys could ever ask for. She will be celebrated, cherished and many will be excited to see her once again.

Linda is preceded in death by her parents, Lloyd and Laurine Westergren, her sister, Connie Westergren Fortney, brother, Arlyn Westergren and nephew, Ryan Westergren. She leaves behind her sons; Brandon and Shaun Haiges, Shaun’s fiancée; Nancia Warren, her brothers; Dennis and Mark Westergren, Mark's wife; Lynn Westergren, her grandchildren; Blaine and Alexis Haiges, her sister-in-law; Elaine Westergren, her brother-in-law: Bill Fortney, her nieces and nephews; Vanessa Westergren Ficek and family , Stephanie Westergren Adams and family, Brian Fortney, Brent Fortney and family, Brad Fortney and family, Brenda Fortney Mahoney and family, Lindsey Westergren, Andrew Westergren, Matthew Westergren, Sarah Westergren, Nathan Westergren and many, many more loving family and friends.   

                      A Memorial service to celebrate the life of Linda was held in       
                                      Dallas Texas,Thursday July 15, 2010     
                                                 at 10:30 am, at the     
                                        Stonebriar Community Church     
                                    4801 Legendary Dr, Frisco, TX 75034

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Linda you have been my "sister in love" since the day I married one of your Big Brothers, who as you often say, alway...


Fathers Name: Lloyd James Westergren
Mothers Name: Laurine ReVey Martinson Westergren
Children's Names: Brandon Haiges and Shaun Haiges
Siblings Names: Arlyn Westergren, Connie Westergren Fortney, Dennis Westergren, Mark Westergren
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: San Diego
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Sport: Horseback Riding
Favourite Team: Not a fan of sports but loved Brett Favre
Favourite Movie: Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. She loved comedy films.
Favourite Music Genre: Classical
Favourite Artist: Claude Monet
Other Interests:
Her children and grandchildren


Place of Passing: San Diego, California
Date of Passing: 5 June 2010
Cause of Passing: Cancer
Type of Funeral: Memorial Celebration
Funeral Location: Dallas, Texas
Funeral Date: 15 July 2010


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