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Lillian Sakala
(1987 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Miss Lillian Sakala
Nick Name: Lily (Tossa to me)
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years old
Lived: Saturday, 8 August 1987 - Monday, 15 October 2007

My Story

   Lily made people laugh all her life. Discerning and a thinker. Zambian, from Lusaka. She knew how to have her fun. 
  Her friends only took from her . Even on her last birthday she said NO ONE had given her anything. She always gave.
  The life and soul departed because unappreciated.
  A beauty that came alive as she spoke and interacted with us... She was "ok" as she said when comparing herself with others, yet in a dreadful irony she seemed beyond compare in death.
  A wild spirit but good through and through.
  As her friend Chinfunbuela said , 'She was real'.
  Her death made all who knew her feel unworthy of living. A bright spark that eventually petered out in an ungrateful environment and community of friends.
  The last few years of her life were mixed with hope and despair as i (her future husband and best of friends) tried to make sense of my own lack of self worth in the UK as i chased confirmation as a musician and composer. How long should we wait ?
   'We only need a little bit...' she said.
    I know of no wiser sentence but she is no longer alive for me to benefit from sharing that knowledge with her.
  Her death and lack of fulfillment in life is a matter of shame to me.
  I honour her the rest of my life.
  It has been hard to write these words.
  All Blessings and love to you Lily.
    Love Marcus

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Mothers Name: Helen
Country of Birth: Zambia
Country of Residence: Zambia
Occupation: Self-Employment
Marital Status: Engaged
Religion: Catholic



Place of Passing: Lusaka, Zambia
Date of Passing: 15 October 2007
Cause of Passing: Unknown
Type of Funeral: Burial
Place of Burial: Leopard Park, Lusaka
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