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Kaiden David Bryse Gray
(2005 - 2005)


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General Details

Name: Mr Kaiden David Bryse Gray
Gender: Male
Lived: Thursday, 10 November 2005 - Thursday, 10 November 2005

My Story

I found out i was pregnant with Kaiden when i was 16 just about to get out of school 10th grade, May 10th when i found out. Me and his "father" was planing a baby but come to find out he didnt want him by me, so to say hes a loser..I went through my pregnancy with alot of stress with his father not coming when he said he would and doing the things he said he would and then getting threats of him being taken away and just really stressed about my schooling, I went in for my u/s August 4th to see if i was having a boy or girl..i was having a boy i was extactic!!! But my mom noticed that he had his hand up next to his head it was his left hand, we was laughing bc our tech said that he favors that side and especially bc im a left and we was thinking he might be a lefty.as soon as i got home and was sitting playing in the floor with my lil sis i wrote own the name and that was his name Kaiden David Bryse. We had a scare with him bc i came in from school and asked my mom to see if he was okay bc he hadnt moved all day well i layed down on my bed and my mom and aunt played with my belly for a bit and then he just started going crazy!! so he was okay!! October 14th Friday i went in for a check up and my Dr. Was concerned with how i was carrying him he was really low alot lower than most you could take both of your hands and place then under my brest and lay them flat al the way down to my belly button almost. She noticed he was laying sideways.She sceduled me an emergency ultrasound, but instead i had to wait till monday the day after my babyshower, I gotto record the whole ultra sound. Unfortunatly it was at the end of her shift and she was ready to go my video only lasts barely 3 minutes.I asked her to look at his feet to make sure he wasnt Club footed which runs in my family.She said no he looks fine.and i asked her to check and make sure he was a boy and shes said yes hes a boy. My mom asked why he had his hand up there still his left hand on his head and she said well he must favor that side..not thinking bc me and my mom both thought it was okay...little we knew... November 9th. I was in my cosmetology class and i left early afterdoing my moms hair and my aunts. We was out eating and my aunt told me i think your going to have that baby sooner than you think. Earlier my mom had told me i looked like i dropped. He was a very active baby though very active soo much that it was hard to sleep and do things. He was definatly rough on me.That nighti noticed he was doing the same as that one night but it been all day..I asked my mom what i should do, I drank some caffiene but nothing, so i called the hospitl and they told me to come in..Before i left i looked at my dad and said jokingly we might have a baby tonight..he just looked at me and laughed.WE get to the hospital and immeditly put in a room,they came in with the heartneat monitors, she was moving it everywhere! and then she said im going to get a second opinion, So i had both of them on me, i was a little worried then she said i cant find his heartbeat but he may have his bac turned towards us were going to get the u/s machine to make sure. By this point i was panicing soooo bad...My dr came in and said "you see this dark aera here, thats where the heart is, its suppose to be moving, im sorry but your baby is dead." I SCREAMED NO NO NO NO!!! Called his stupid father who was out with his other woman.We had a rough time at the hospital, i was then induced at about 11 pm, November 9th i didnt have him till November 10th at 11:48pm. weighing 4lbs, 10 oz, 17in long.The father wasnt there for the birth he wanted to get back to his woman i assume .He never saw Kaiden till last year when i allowed him to see photos. Kaiden is my beautiful angel baby.He passed bc of a cord accident and it was wrapped around him 2 1/2 times and had his left hand cought in the cord next to his head and thats the reason why his hand was there the cord had it up there..if she looked closer you can see the cord around him, i think its miere stupidity and wanting to get off work.I dont use that Dr no more the one that Deliverd him is my Dr now. Having to bury my son was the hardest thing to do i never want to do it again..but on the better note after all this happend i went back to school and i graduated with my class of 07.He inspired me to go on in my life im in college now and i know hes happy with me.. hes my hero...

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my dear baby boy i love you and i miss you so much..


Fathers Name: Casey
Mothers Name: Stacie
Siblings Names: Riley
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Cleveland
Religion: Other Christian



Place of Passing: Bradley Memorial Hospital
Date of Passing: 10 November 2005
Cause of Passing: Umbilical Cord Accident
Place of Burial: Sunset Memorial Gardens
Funeral Date: 12 November 2005
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