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Ernie Dutcyvich
(1936 - 1995)


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General Details

Name: Mr Ernie Dutcyvich
Gender: Male
Age: 59 years old
Lived: Sunday, 23 February 1936 - Friday, 11 August 1995

My Story

Dad, I miss you.  We all do.  Our lives were greatly impacted by you.
I miss early Sunday morning coffee just us.
I miss you stopping by, just because.
I miss hearing your voice; the fact that you're not here would never be our choice.
I miss your deep well of knowledge; the beyond your years wisdom, didn't come from a college.
I miss your colorful character, your many different smiles, unspoken love and kindness along every mile.
I miss going for a walk and having a talk.  I just plain miss holding your hand.
I miss your extraordinary out of this world, incomprehensible to all, strength, courage and composure.
Your class act was an example for all of us to follow. Truly, you were a mentor to many.
I admired you.  Many people did.  We still do.  Those of us blessed to have known and loved you.
I miss the unending sacrificial love shown to us, and the patience you had while we learned.
I miss looking into your green eyes, kissing you on the forehead, Saying, "I Love You, Dad."
I miss hugging you and yes even the smell of you; your sense of humor, that too.
Yeah, it's been sixteen years, no there hasn't always been a tear.
It's just that on this, another anniversary of your death,
I wanted the world to know,
You are still very, very much missed!
We are not really far apart; You are always with me, right here in my heart.
I Love You, Dad XO
The Farmer's Daughter

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Song Name: The Farmer's Daug...
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This song is for dad.



Favourite Sport: Hockey
Favourite Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Favourite Book: Building,Keeping up current events
Favourite Movie: Clint Eastwood movies
Favourite Music Genre: Country
Favourite Artist: Merle Haggard
Favourite Charity: Always giving
Other Interests:
Too many to list.


Date of Passing: 11 August 1995
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