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Josephine Brulee
(1913 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Ms Josephine Brulee
Nick Name: Jo, Joe, Josie
Maiden Name: Josephine Ransom
Gender: Female
Age: 94 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 19 November 1913 - Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My Story


Josephine Cecelia Brulee was born November 19, 1913 in Los Angeles, California. to the late Johnny Vantree Ransom (Mississippi)  and Rozena  Ransom (New Orleans) in Los Angeles, California.  Josephine is the last of the 3rd Generation of Nathaniel Ransom (Grandfather) and Mary Ransom (Grandmother).  She was the first born to Johnny and Rozena Ransom. Josephine’s two brothers Johnny V. Ransom (Nov 18, 1920-Aug 2, 1994), Nathaniel Ransom (1926-1985), three sisters Carrietta Brooks (1916-Dec 30,2000), Mary Ransom (Oct 27, 1918-Jan 19, 1961), and Helen Ransom Warfield (Jan 28, 1924-Apr 28, 2005). Josephine Cecelia Brulee married Louis Michael Brulee in Los Angeles, California, He was born 1909 in New Orleans, Louisiana  (1913-1985)  They divorced May 12, 1951.Children of Josephine Cecelia Brulee and Louis Michael Brulee.  Wanda Renee Brulee (Sep 13, 1934-Mar 5, 2004), Barabra Yvonne Brulee (Jun 23, 1936-Nov 27, 1966), Michele Brulee Born Oct 26, 1943, and Michael Jon Brulee Born Nov 8, 1949, all listed where born in Los Angeles, California.Josephine Cecelia Brulee attended Los Angeles City Schools and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Los Angeles, California.As you know growing up during those time where hard.  After Josephine parents passed-a-way she had to take care of her two brothers and three sisters.  I believed another family member took on Helen later on.  Because of this situation she was not able to do much for herself.  She used to tell me about her Father, telling her you are in charge of the kids and I want these thing done everyday or else.  Her Father didn’t play around (he work for the City of Los Angeles), he would let Josephine take her sisters, and brothers for ice cream and to go downtown to watch movies, etc.Josephine was a member of the Holy Name Catholic Church, AME Church (the first one in Los Angeles) and a member of the Usher Board.  She changed church and became a member  of the Founder’s Church of Religious Science.  She really enjoyed attending the service and listing to Dr. Chang , and the entertainment that the church provided for that Sunday Service.  She met so many good friend there.  She love listing to Bob Ralston on the organ.  She told me I love the way he play’s, he’s good (smile). Thank you Jeanette, Jerry Bird and Mr. and Mrs. Buell for keeping her inform of the Church activities while she was at the Nursing Home in Poway, California..Josephine did odd jobs to support her family, serviced party in Hollywood, sewed for friends and Stars (she did a lot of that, I had to pick up all the needle and pins).  She worked for the Movie Industrial, sewing, etc..She worked for Broadway, May Co.  During War World II she worked in the air plane factory.  I remember when I was going to my New duty station (1967) NC and when I called her to tell her I arrived she told me that airline hired her that same day I left.  They where looking for extra help (God was there for her, she was looking for work).



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Fathers Name: Johnny Ransom
Mothers Name: Rozena Ransom
Spouse's Name: Louis Brulee
Children's Names: Wanda, Barabra, Michele and Michael Brulee
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Los Angeles and Poway, California
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Divorced
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: All Sports that her Son like, but Horse Racing was the one she really like
Favourite Book: Various Book dealing with the Mind, Health, etc.
Favourite Movie: Something of Value, Barabra Kids play in this Movie
Favourite Music Genre: Jazz
Favourite Artist: Tony Bennett
Favourite Charity: Various Charity


Place of Passing: Palomar Pomerado Hospital, Poway, CA
Date of Passing: 25 June 2008
Cause of Passing: pneumonia in both lung, artrial fibrillation and resistant bacteria in stool (clostridium difficile)
Type of Funeral: Cremation with ashes being spread in the Rose Garden
Place of Burial: 1831 W. Washington Blvd, LA, CA 90007
Plot Number: Rose Garden
Funeral Location: Homes Chapel, Founder's Church of Religious Science, 3281 West Sixth St. Los Angeles, CA 90020
Funeral Date: 31 July 2008
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