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John Trastin
(1992 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: John Trastin
Gender: Male
Age: 19 years old
Lived: Sunday, 9 August 1992 - Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Story

John David Trastin, was too young when he passed, God took him too early. John loved his family and friends more than anything. He was the best son a mother could ask for. He loved to skate, travel, making and listening to music, writing lyrics and playing guitar. He was a movie fanatic. John was the type of person who would listen to anyone and help in anyway he could. He was funny, caring, lovable, and had such a bright future. His friends and family celebrate his life everyday, and he is dearly missed. John had so much talent and determination to anything he decided to do. He believed music spoke more than words.
Here is a song John wrote a few months before he past:
Hearts hold on
I've never felt this way before
Things change, mistakes made
You can stay forever
I'll hold you forever
I'll be there/
Living the dream
Set me free
Set apart, we'll go far
Hand in hand
Here we stand
Time's up
But Our hearts will hold on/
What does my heart hold on for?
Please stay forever (Don't leave just yet)
I'll hold you forever (Don't go just yet)
Living a dream
Set me free
Set apart, we'll go far
Hand in hand
Here we stand
Time's up
Still Our hearts hold on
Stand still,
You're leaving (Where are you going now?)
Our hearts will hold on
Hold on.
 Funeral was held in Fort Collins, CO; Memorial in MN. Thank you to all friends/family who could make it. 
Friends and family can contact me at
Friends are welcome to funeral/memorial photos, and very welcome to talk to me about John. Whether it be to mourn or celebrate his life. 
R.I.P John David Trastin.
Taken too young, never forgotten, and forever loved. 
You are missed everyday, but we'll see each other again.

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Fathers Name: Paul Trastin
Mothers Name: Liz Trastin
Siblings Names: Sam&Michael
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA


Favourite Sport: Skating
Favourite Music Genre: Alternative Rock
Other Interests:
He loved to eat, he would try anything once. Music did a lot for John. He loved movies, and being with his friends. Friends and family meant the world to him.


Place of Passing: Fort Collins, CO
Date of Passing: 11 February 2012
Cause of Passing: Cardiac Arrest
Type of Funeral: Memorial
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