JOckstien `Rayan jamel  stimberg's Memorial

JOckstien `Rayan jamel stimberg
(1988 - 1999)


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General Details

Name: JOckstien `Rayan jamel stimberg
Nick Name: peanut
Gender: Male
Age: 10 years old
Lived: Monday, 18 April 1988 - Monday, 22 February 1999

My Story

when I first found that i was going to have Jockstien I was a scared 13 year old girl , with no hope at all . shortly after I turn 14 on April 18,1988 I gave birth to my baby boy  Jockstien Rayan  Jamal , he was  little small but did good , didnt cry all that much well when he didn't have bink bink , , Jockstien was a very loving kid and did every thing that he could for other like the time that he stuck up for a kid at the play ground him and the little boy became the best of friends ,he could get into some trouble , like the time he hid a dead bird in his room for 2 weeks cause he was afraid that he was going to jail for killing the bird with a sling shot . I had to grow fast when I had jockstien but i would have not change it for the world . then on feb 21,1999 my whole world came crashing down on top of me . when I was down in Savannah Ga . to go to my foster moms funeral , Jockstiens dad called me and all he would say was that i needed to get home , now , by the time i got back 8 hours had passed . when i got to the hospital , all i  could think is where is my son? what  happen to my baby ? I didn't hear what the doctors where even saying when I was taken in to a room to be up dated on my son that he was over at another little boys house playing and trading cards , when my son got shot

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Fathers Name: jockstien 2
Mothers Name: April
Children's Names: jon , kerstien , cyrus and jadelena



Date of Passing: 22 February 1999
Funeral Date: 26 February 2008
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