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Joan susan aston
(1965 - 2001)


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General Details

Name: Miss Joan susan aston
Nick Name: jo
Gender: Female
Age: 35 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 1 September 1965 - Sunday, 22 July 2001

My Story

Joan Susan Aston
1965 to 2001
aged: 35
From: Wolverhampton

Joan Susan Aston....My mom
died on sunday 22nd july 2001 at 2:36 in the afternoon. She was 35 wen she passed away and that day was the worst day of my life ....
It all started in 1999 wen my mom had been told she had breast cancer in the right boob. she had to have her boob removed to get rid of it, the doctors told us that it was all gone and she was cured. But in november 2000 my mom started to be ill all the while she just thought it was the flu and carried on with her day to day life. as the months went by she wasnt gettin any better ..... she would be moaning with bad pains everywhere and was always sleeping, i had to take care of her and my little sister. then finally in february my mom decided it was time to go and see the doctor, she just thought she would go to the doctors get some medicine and that would be it but it wasn't ...... That day wen i came back home from school i asked how she had got on at the doctors she told me it was just the flu but i knew different.... you could always tell when my mom was lying because she would rub her nose. A few weeks later a appointment came through the post for the hospital to go and have a all over body scan. I sat down with mom in the living room and asked her to tell me what exactly was going on. That was when she told me that the doctor thought the cance rhad came back so he booked her in the hospital for a all over body scan. On the day of the appointment my mom told me to go to school and get my eduacation but tmy education to me was the last of my worries. wen i arrived at school amy tutor sat me down and told me everything was gonna be ok.... but i did the stupidest thing and told her to shut the fuk up she didnt know anything about what i was goin thru. but in the end she managed to calm me down and i sat with her all day. then the time i was dreading came ..... walking through my fornt door. when i stepped through the front door all i can remember seein was my mom sittin there in a right state, she was a mess. i asked what had happened even tho i knew the answer..... but those words she siad to me ' Jodie its come back and its spreadin' was the worst time i had. i didnt know what to do, i just broke down cryin and again she came over huggin me wen really i shud of been hugging her. My mom said the doctors have give her a maximium of 6 months to live.... 6 months she needed longer she was only 35 why want to take my mom. what has she done, she was a kind loyal and best mom u cud ever of had. in march my mom got admitted to the deansley center in new cross for those who were dying or suffering from cancer. i went and seen her every day after school with my grandad( he took me and my sis on while my mom was ill), when i visited her it was nice but horrible in a way as day by day i seen my mom get worse. on the day of her death the phone rang at 6am .... it was the hospital my grandad ran to the phone i cant remember what was said. but i remember my grandad walkin down the hallway into the livin room and he was white as a ghost ..... i said to him was tha the hospital , he replied yeah .... i'm sorry jodie but your moms goin 2day. What? my mom is goin today .... nah not my mom. i screamed at my grandad no she cant not today i havent dun the things i wanna do wiv her. please not today , please. we all rushed up the hospital all the family were there. they were all upset but i was confident that she wasnt gonna go until ..... i went in to go and see mom it was about 1pm and my mom grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her, she whispered dowm my ear 'take care of your sister and nanny rose is coming to get me at around 2 so please dont cry i dont want ur tears' that sentence will stay in my head forvever i will never forget it .... at about 2:15pm my aunty sent me to the cafe in the hospital to get her a drink ..... on my way back up to the corridor to my mom my grandad was walking down with tears rolling down his face and he was shoutin 'im sorry jodie'. NO NO NO!!!!! i screamed at him. please no. but it was true my mom had passed away at 2:36 pm sunday afternoon. i went into the room where she was lying.... she was cold as ice so i put the blanket on her. i held her for a solid 2 hours didnt want to let her go. the doctor came into me and said its time for my mom to go. i hated that sentnece she was my mom how could she leave me.

The Funeral- 30th july
This was the hardest day for me ..... saying goodbye once and for all. i was gettin dressed in my clothes for the funeral. wen i noticed this butterfly that was sittin on the teddy tha my mom bought me ..... i kept shovin it off as im scared of all things like tha lol. but this butterfly wouldnt go. i called my grandad to cum n get rid of it but he said that it cud be a sign of my mom. i was sittin in the living room when i heard my uncle come in and say she's here. is started screamin and i havent even seen her yet. my uncle had to hold me up to the funeral car cuz i cudnt walk properly. on the way to the church i kept thinkn my mom is in tha box in front of us wen she shud be in here wiv us. we got to the church and the men in the famiy carried her in.... we picked a song for the way in which was whitnry houston out of reach and on the ay out of the church was r-kelly, turn bk time ..... the worst bit of the funeral was puttin my mom in thr ground cuz this was the final point the last time we would see each other. i tryed jumpin in the grave after my mom as they was lowerin her but my uncle and grandad grabbed me and held me tight. well i dont want to go on much more cuz i can go on for ages , but how much i hated sum1 i would never wish that in them.... my mom was not only my mom she was my bestest friend and she will always be .... I LOVE YOU MOM AND ALWAYS WILL. THERES ALWAYS A PAIN IN MY HEART FROM THE TIME YOU LEFT ME. I WANT YOU BACK MOM AMD REEGAN WANTS TO MEET HIS NANNY ... I SHOW HIM UR PICS AND HE WILL SAY NAN LOL. I LAUGH AT HIM BUT DEEP DOWN I WANNA CRY CUZ HE NEEDS HIS NAN. MOM I MISS YOU LOADS PLEASE COME BACK AND SEE ME ONE DAY I KNOW YOUVE BEEN TO SEE REEGAN ALREADY CUZ U SCARED ME LOL. R.I.P MOM LOVE ALWAYS DAUGHTER JODIE, SON-IN-LAW PAUL AND GRANDSON REEGAN -JOE.... JUST AFTER YOU LOVE YOU LOTS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Mothers Name: Rosealeen Edwards
Children's Names: Jodie and sarah
Siblings Names: kathleen, gwendaline, wendy, diane, timothy and dennis
Country of Birth: England
Country of Residence: England
City of Residence: Wolverhampton
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Engaged


Favourite Team: liverpool
Favourite Book: stephen kings
Favourite Movie: pretty woman
Favourite Artist: whitney houston and meat loaf
Favourite Charity: cancer


Place of Passing: New cross hospital wolverhampton
Date of Passing: 22 July 2001
Cause of Passing: Cancer
Type of Funeral: burial (she was buried with her mom my nan)
Place of Burial: Bushbury crematarium wolverhampton
Plot Number: not sure
Funeral Director: thomas ely & son
Funeral Location: wolverhampton
Funeral Date: 30 July 2001
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